Knowing the Path and Walking the Path


Posted by Coach Laura Henry

I think that one of my strengths as a coach is that I can relate to my athletes because I’ve walked the path, and sometimes some of the paths less traveled. It’s not something I read in a book or watched in a webinar; I think that having that first-hand experience adds depth to my coaching.  One of these less glamourous sides of the sport is injury and the road to recovery.

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9/11 and My Start in Triathlon


Posted by Coach Mandi Kowal

As 9/11 approaches again, I am reminded of that day and how in one way my life has changed for the better. I think about how their loss indirectly helped me improve the lives of others - creating opportunities for athletes, young and old, to grow as people. It was my motivation to become a triathlete and triathlon coach. Here is my story.

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Control What YOU Can


Posted by Coach Brad Noble

Racing is simple: train hard, plan and then execute. Believe in yourself and recognize that all you can do is race the race and in the conditions you are given along with everyone else out there. Learn not to dwell on the negative but rather focus on the things you CAN control. On race day, work the problems and remember that the finish is worth the journey!

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Let's Change the Way We Think About Sleep and Recovery


Posted by Coach Mark Turner

Recovery and sleep should be viewed as integral parts of training and nutrition with recovery as part of training and sleep as part of nutrition. Recovery is a kind of mental strength training and sleep nourishes the body much like calories. Understanding the way training, recovery, and nutrition work together to the fullest advantage is key to achieving the performance we seek.

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Paralympic/Olympic Attitude


Posted by Coach Chris Palmquist

All the natural ability in the world will not breed success if not accompanied by undaunted belief, consistency and determination.  I’ve observed world class athletes with this mindset but I’ve definitely seen just as many citizen racers working their way to success because of the same mental skills. Here is a list of attributes that these athletes have in common.

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3 Great Track Sessions for Speed!


Posted by Coach Mark Sortino

If you've trained on the track in the past, and it's been a while or you are a newbie to this strange place, take a leap of faith, get out of your comfort zone and get to your nearest track with three of some of my favorite sessions.

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Improving the Run Off the Bike


Posted by Coach John Murray

Set yourself up for race day success by adding in regular brick transition runs. Keep them very short and very easy and soon you will be looking forward to the run off the bike!

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Let the Rubber Hit the Dirt


Posted by Coach Brad Noble

Trail running brings so many new and different experiences and is appealing for so many reasons. Trails come with all types of surfaces, including dirt, sand, wood chips, rocks, etc. Being on a trail is an undeniably primitive and cool feeling, that comes with many benefits. So, ditch the city, find a place where is just you and the trail, and reconnect with Mother Nature. Don’t let it scare or intimidate you. After all, it’s only dirt…

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Press Release: Team MPI Coaches Athletes on USA Paralympic Triathlon Team, World Championship Team


Posted by admin

Team MPI is proud to coach many outstanding paratriathletes, from those brand-new to the sport to those who are competitive internationally. Among the roster of Team MPI’s coached athletes are four of the ten-member USA Paralympic Paratriathlon Team, and six members of the USA World Championship Paratriathlon Team

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Help! It’s the middle of my triathlon season and I think I need a Coach!


Posted by Coach Liesl Begnaud

Have you ever wondered if a coach could help you improve your swim, bike or run? Or help you hit a personal best time for your upcoming race? Are you struggling to get the workouts in and wondering if you could improve or push yourself more? Don’t wait until next season to hire a coach - start now with a Team MPI coach!

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