Finding all the Pieces to Your Long Course Bike Training “Puzzle”


Posted by Coach Chris Palmquist

How you ride the bike segment of a long course triathlon will significantly affect your overall race time and performance. Training your bike fitness properly can lead to a faster, more comfortable ride. But more importantly, good bike fitness, along with proper pacing and nutrition, can be the most important factor in whether you will have a good run all the way to the finish line.

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What my favorite Pumpkin Pie Recipe has to do with Training


Posted by Coach Mandi Kowal

I see following a workout plan as similar to following a recipe. If you want the desired outcome whether it’s a yummy pumpkin pie or to be able to run well off the bike in an IRONMAN you need to follow the recipe or training plan. Winging it or adopting someone else’s workout could lead to a sub-optimal outcome. Here's how to think about your training recipe!

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How to Prepare for your Best Wetsuit Swim


Posted by Coach Jamie Brown

How many times have you started a race and about 300-500m into a wetsuit swim you start to have terrible feelings of claustrophobia, suffocation, fatigue, and restriction? The most important thing you can do to avoid that is to practice in your wetsuit - even if that means the pool. Here's how to ensure you feel your most comfortable in your race day wetsuit swim.

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Develop Your Mental Fitness


Posted by Coach Liesl Begnaud

Designing and executing a physical training plan for your race season IS critical.  It’s important that you put in the time to improve your physical fitness. However, Coach Liesl suggests that training and developing your mental fitness is equally as important to physically training the swim, bike, run, transition, and nutrition! Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding mental fitness.

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Bubble Wrap Yourself


Posted by Coach David Bauerle

Your taper is meant to refresh, energize, restore and excite you leading up to your day.  By using that renewed energy and strength meant for your race on some other activity or by deviating from the training plan, you risk injury, falling short of your goals, or even your ability to get to the starting line. Play it safe in your taper!

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Evaluating Online Triathlon Info & Coach Allen's Bookmarks


Posted by Coach Allen Stanfield

When it comes to online triathlon information, it can be difficult to separate good advice from bad, or resolve conflicting information. Here are some guidlines for evaluating sites along with some suggested links that I find helpful. 

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For some, Rest is a Four-Letter Word


Posted by Coach John Murray

Triathletes are often resistant to rest, but it is crucial to allow the stress of training to be absorbed There are a variety of ways to achieve rest to help make the most of your training and be set up for the next workload. How are you doing on rest?

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Your Hips Don't Lie


Posted by Coach Amanda Leibovitz

Taking the time to strengthen our hips and glutes (specifically, our medial glutes) has a HUGE impact on our run performance! Weak hips can often be the cause of IT band pain, patella tendonitis (runner's knee), piriformis issues, sciatica, and a myriad of other common running injuries. These three exercises will help develop strong and stable support for your run! 

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Bare Essentials for Your First Sprint Triathlon


Posted by Coach April Corey

There is a lot of gear associated with triathlon, but much of it is optional. To get started in the sport, you just need access to minimal equipment (owned or borrowed) and apparel to train and race safely and comfortably. Here's a list of the bare essentials. 

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IRONMAN U: From Got to Get: One Letter Makes All The Difference


Posted by Coach Mark Turner

When training and racing becomes a “got to” instead of a “get to” it turns into something it was never meant to be: a burden rather than a source of pleasure, fulfillment, and joy. Of course, training is difficult. Of course, it can sometimes be hard to fit training into our already full lives. But it should never be a “got to”. Reframing the way we think about training can go a long way toward better consistency, better fitness, and more happiness as an athlete.

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