Tri a Relay!


Posted by Coach Liesl Begnaud

Most triathlons offer a relay option and there are many reasons to consider one. It allows you to focus on one leg of the race and go all out!  It’s also a great way to participate in a race if you have an injury, for example you are laying off of running, but you can still bike and swim. Triathlon relays are also a great way to introduce a friend to the sport of triathlon. Most importantly, they can be lots of fun! Here's an example!

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Long Course Prep Camps


Posted by Coach John Murray

Team MPI recognized early on the helpfulness of 2-3 days of a coach-led camp that is focused on a specific race. Races such as IRONMAN events have many moving parts and our goals are to simplify and clarify all of the essential information. The feedback that we have received over the years, and the athletes' experiences on race day, have reassured us that we are doing the right thing with our camp design and course exposure. If you are thinking of IMFL next year, keep an eye on our website for the announcement of the 2018 camp. And to those athletes who joined us this year, we will see you at the IMFL finish line!

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Let's Get Technical: Shake Up Those Rides To Improve Handling Skills


Posted by Coach Mark Turner

Long course triathletes often train alone and tend to ride on long out-and-back type rides. They are usually somewhat competent at right-hand turns but throw in a U-turn or left-hand turn, and suddenly disaster seems to loom literally at every turn. This lack of handling skills can result in a crash come race day. This is easy anf fun to remedy and convient too. A pleasant repeatable loop in your neighborhood can be your “technical” course. Coach MarkT explains what to do!

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When Things Don’t Go as Planned


Posted by Coach Patty Collins

I just returned home from participating in the 2017 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Rotterdam.  This was my 4th trip to the World Championships in the past 6 years. I have come to understand that triathlons are more than just swim bike and run. There are so many variables that are upon us and how we deal with them often times determines our outcome. I’d like to share the stories of incredible grit exhibited by some of my teammates on race day.

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Mixing Up the Systems


Posted by Coach Aaron Scheidies

It’s important to train all of our metabolic systems. This is why we do the long ride, the track sessions and the short rest intervals in the pool. But you can also mix up the systems within a single training session. Here are some examples for each discipline that show how to combine systems up within a single training session to make even larger gains. This is especially important for the sprint and Olympic distance triathlete who often need to make a move or react very quickly.

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Getting Dirty


Posted by Coach Adam Sczech

Mountain biking is not only really fun, but a great way for triathletes to become better cyclists and change up things up! The term “Mountain BIke” can be very confusing as there are more types of mountain bikes than most people realize. Here's an introduction to the basic types as well as those that are best suited to the needs of the triathlete. So hop on the right bike, and give it a go! 

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IM 70.3 Boulder: Running with the Help of Others


Posted by Coach Becky Piper

When I signed up for IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder, I honestly did not know if I could finish it. I mean, I knew I would complete all my training. I knew I would have an advantage with my background in coaching triathlon. I just did not know if my body would physically be able to hold up, since being hemiplegic, I run with a very strange gait. I employed a strategy to help me through, mile by mile. 

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Welcome New Team MPI Coach: Dr. Manuel Delgado Gaona


Welcome new Team MPI coach, Dr. Manuel Delgado Gaona, a USAT Level II and Youth & Junior Coach, FMTri Level II coach, an ACSM exercise physiologist, and physician with a medical specialty in anatomic pathology. Manuel has been the doctor for “burned out” and chronically injured athletes, helping them get back into sport successfully and keeping them free of injuries for years. His coaching philosophy is based on exercise efficiency not only for professional athletes but for age group athletes as well.

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What is a Worthy Goal?


Posted by Coach Laura Henry

There’s value in setting fitness goals whether or not they involve a finish line on a race course. For some, that goal might be being fit enough to play soccer with their kids in the backyard after school. For others, it might be to be strong enough to haul boxes down from the attic without assistance and to be strong in their other activities of daily living. Goals change with life circumstances and need not follow a sequential progression. 

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Finding all the Pieces to Your Long Course Bike Training “Puzzle”


Posted by Coach Chris Palmquist

How you ride the bike segment of a long course triathlon will significantly affect your overall race time and performance. Training your bike fitness properly can lead to a faster, more comfortable ride. But more importantly, good bike fitness, along with proper pacing and nutrition, can be the most important factor in whether you will have a good run all the way to the finish line.

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