I Have HOW MANY Miles Left?


Posted by Coach April Corey

Working on your mental game is just as important as working on your physical game. Thinking through the possibilities that may happen during an endurance event and how you will handle it is a great way to get your mind ready and trained for if/when it does happen. Coach April shares the approach she used during the Born to Run 100 Miler.

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Framing Your View of Your World


Posted by Coach Chris Palmquist

How you look at your life and your own potential to succeed, is the frame (or belief system) through which you process your world and how you can thrive within it. Frames can be powerfully good for an athlete but also terribly destructive. Choose what to put in your frame, and believe in it!

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Expectations: Yours and “Theirs”


Posted by Coach Mark Turner

What can the 2007 Clear Lake 5-6 Grade Boys Lacrosse Team teach us about expectations? Plenty! Read Coach MarkT's account of their end-of-year tournament. Then consider the climate of expectations surrounding you, and make changes if necessary! 

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Get Creative when Going Long


Posted by Coach Mandi Kowal

There are lots of ways to "go long" on the bike and run while facilitating safety, access to nutrition, desire to stay close to home, family involvement, and motivation! Here are 8 options to mix it up and have fun while still getting in the time and distance! 

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My Psoas? WHAT Muscle?


Posted by Coach Patty Collins

The psoas muscle may be the most important muscle in your body. They are the primary connectors between your torso and your legs and as major flexors, weak psoas muscles can cause compensation resulting in low back and pelvic pain. These muscles also support the internal organs and are connected to our breathing and digestion. Here's how to tell if you have a psoas muscle imbalance along with some tips for getting things back in balance

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What to Look for in a Coach


Posted by Coach Mark Sortino

What should you look for in a coach? Whether you’re doing a triathlon, a mountain bike race, an ultra run, a long course open water swim or your first 5K race, here are some keys to think about when selecting the right coach for you.

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Where the Rubber Hits the Road


Posted by Coach Adam Sczech

There are many tire choices for our bikes. Learn how the durameter of the rubber and TPI of the casing should be factored into your selection.

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The Mental Side of Injury Recovery


Posted by Coach Jamie Brown

Injuries happen. How you choose to manage the mental side of the recovery is up to you. There are steps you can take to make the most of the time and come back strong. 

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Train Smart, Train Safe


Posted by Coach Liesl Begnaud

Triathletes often train alone due to scheduling needs or specific training requirements. Take precautions to do so safely and to be prepared should the unexpected happen. 

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Growing as a Triathlete


Posted by Coach John Murray

Perfect race days don't come all that often, and how we react to the imperfections in our race shows the real growth in us as triathletes. The sport gives us many opportunities to choose how to respond when things don't go right!

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