2012 2X12 Top Team MPI Athlete


The post-activity feedback we receive from athletes is critical in helping us to gauge, assess, and fine-tune training. But sometimes it's just plain fun and funny to read as personalities come shining through. A good sense of humor and playfulness is important for enjoyment and longevity in the sport. With that we bring you the 2x12 top comments from 2012:


  1. Love love LOOOVE the paddles!!! How do you sign up for the Olympics???? Like THAT is how fast I was. AHAHAHAAAAAAAAA. Fun workout. Glad to be using the paddles again.
  2. I wanted to die! We went to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert the night before and stayed out til 2am. I had a stack of pancakes as big as my head at 1am, inhaled 2nd hand ___ for hours at the concert and wore 4-inch heels to the show that I jumped up and down in all night resulting in a blister on the bottom of my foot. I felt like that dude in the movie Run Fat Boy Run!!!!!!

  3. OUCH! 2250 meter main set
  4. BUT, I won't be able to come in to finish up the FIST (bike fit) because I took a fall on New Years Eve at the Pelican Drop. I had a little too much to drink and tripped on a curb and lightly sprained my ankle. NO MORE DRINKING FOR ME! Unless it is just one..
  5. Just saying. Fist drill sucks!
  6. RPE=15 Kick with no fins sucks.

  7. Good workout with my buddy ___. At least we got to look foolish together on the head out w/fist drill. I thought the lifeguard was going to jump in a save ___ a couple times. We looked like a couple of retarded monkeys learning how to swim :)
  8. Cut this a little short because some genius made our pool a hot tub. It was steaming, and I was afraid for my life. Haha. 
  9. Crazy wired, lost a contact 200 yards into my run. Running in the dark with 1 contact, not so easy. So I cut the run a little short.
  10. RPE=i did not beat my time from last time!!!! aaaarrghh!!! AND Siri jumped in the pool. Witch!
  11. Got through 7 rounds of 50s then pool was closed for a biohazard -- a kid threw up in the pool.

  12. Had a good swim going then my wedding ring fell in to the drainage around the pool. decided it was best to get the ring than finish my swim! 
  13. Wow, that was a lot of heavy breathing!
  14. It's freaking me out that I am improving so much. YOU ARE A NINJA!
  15. Couldn't find my form this a.m. I felt like I had wooden legs. What gives? 
  16. Had to slow my roll a few times.... got too spunky! 
  17. But I felt fine and felt like I could keep going if I had to. Now, I feel extremely tired sitting in my office wondering why these people are coming in to see me for body aches! Hello!! I HAVE body aches. Thank goodness for massage lady coming today and will go take a sip o caffeine to get through the rest of the day. Yep, I'm babbling and tired. Great workout. Loved it. Excited for the races! Bring it.
  18. RPE= I think I'll walk the dog.
  19. I felt old and slow. I was missing my splits badly and my stroke felt terrible. I was getting pissed off and discouraged........then I realized I was swimming in a meter pool. Problem solved.
  20. RPE=14. Ran into __ at mile 1 so I ran a little harder the last 2. She talked about how she was going to mop up the pool deck with Coach John tomorrow. 

  21. RPE=17; I need my bed; THAT WAS CRAAAZY!! Loved every minute. Definitely felt alive this am! I was on the Computrainer as it was cooold this am;
  22. Water temp 58F...chilly.
  23. This was tough, I thought I was going to throw up after the 8th fast interval. Then, I heard a commercial on the radio talking about some guy drinking sour milk and I think I did throw up in my mouth a little bit. LOL anyway, felt good after all was said and done. RPE-13
  24. RPE = 20. No kidding! I maxed out! After the 3 min hard interval, I had to get off my bike and walk around. I was gagging for at least 2 minutes. Nearly upchucked! I did get back on my bike, finished the last two hard sets (though not quite at the same level), and cooled down. There was no way I could run. Instead, I snuggled on the couch with ___ while my heart rate came back down.

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