3 Bike Power Sessions to Make You Faster!


Posted by Coach Mark


There tends to be continual confusion for many athletes who train for longer endurance events on when, if at all, they should include power training sessions on the bike. My answer? Always! Certainly, we don’t over stress the body when we’re recovering or when we’re taking some well deserved end-of-season down time. And, of course, we may eliminate power sessions in some taper periods prior to key races. But in most cases, including power sessions on the bike weekly is KEY to successful bike legs in races – whether they’re Sprint distance or Ironman distance.


Now that you’re on board with the idea, what constitutes a “power bike session”? There can be many types of training sessions that can fit this description. At Team MPI, we like to focus on Hill Repeats or Low BRO sessions. Hill repeats are wonderful if they’re available where you live. I recommend finding a .25mile to 2mile sections with a grade less that 10% that you can ride at different RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion). Start with 4 repeats and work your way up to 10. Another option is “Low BRO”, which stands for “Low RPM, Big Ring Only”. This is great for folks on the trainer or in terrain that is mostly flat. We set our gears to our Big Ring Only (large chain ring up front) and then the smallest COG in the rear (most of you will either have a 12 or 11 tooth). The goal is to push the hardest gear you can at the lowest RPM you can. Target RPM is below 60 – that’s 60 rotations by one leg in a minute.


So, show me the sessions, right? OK here’s three great Low BRO sessions that you can incorporate into your training. We recommend for triathletes that you do ONE of these each week. There are many, many more out there! Remember to always warm up and cool down!


1,2,2,2 LOW BRO

-15min EASY w/u

-4 x (30sec pickups, 30sec EASY)

-5 x (1min LOW BRO, 2min EASY, 2min LOW BRO, 2min EASY)

-6min EASY c/d


10x2 LOW BRO

-15min EASY w/u

-10x (2min LOW BRO, 1min EASY)

-15min EASY c/d


LOW BRO Power Set

-15min EASY w/u

-4x(30sec pick-ups w/ 30sec EASY)

-5x(5min LOW BROW w/ 2min EASY)

-6min EASY c/d


**LOW BROW=LOWEST RPM gear possible in cassette (11 or 12) and Big Ring Only (BRO).  These are best done on Flat terrain.  RPM should be below 60.  Effort level is HARD

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