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I’m 54 years old and live in Pensacola Beach. I have been racing triathlons for about 6-7 years and I train with Coach John. I have three grown sons and a girlfriend. I have worked for Subway doing development work for almost my entire adult life (30 years) and at one time owned four stores. I've been doing triathlons for 6-7 years and this year I'm training for the Leadville 100 MTB race.


Tell us about your athletic background prior to triathlon and how you got involved in the sport?

I started running to lose weight about 10 years ago when I was 280lbs.  My brother Jeff was already doing triathlons and had done one IRONMAN when I started. I got bored with just running so he convinced me to do a triathlon. I was hooked almost from the start.


After six years of racing, racing, and how do you keep it fresh and fun?

I keep it fun by doing off road triathlon and mountain bike rides / racing.


How long have you been with Team MPI and how did you come to work with Coach John? 

I met Coach John through the local triathlon club - Tri Gulf Coast. I needed lots of help with my swim so I started with a few lessons. I wanted to race IRONMAN Florida in 2013 so I began with coaching in 2012.


Your brother Jeff trains and races too. Do you train together much? Are you competitive with one another? 

Jeff and I have been in the same age group for a couple of years now. I don’t compete against Jeff or anyone else really. I am always happy to beat half my age group and that is usually my goal! Some years, particularly IRONMAN years, we ride more together, and since he is a bit faster than me when we ride, I always let him do most of the pulling. We both swim MWF with Coach John so we do that training together. I did beat Jeff off the bike for the first time recently at an Off Road Duathlon. He passed me a little into the run but I was happy with that.


You are in Coach John's 3x-weekly coached swim group. How fun is that? What would you say about group vs solo swim training?

Swimming has always been my weak sport in Tri. I am still in the slow lane for the group swim but I have made lots of progress. I hated swim training when I did it by myself but have trained with the group for several years and now I really enjoy the swim training. I need a running group next I guess because I still don’t care much for running!


This year you are training for the Leadville 100 MTB race. How are you and Coach John balancing tri-training with that, or are you shifting focus to mountain biking this year?

We use the swim to keep up fitness without the risk of injury. I’m doing lots more biking this year and mostly on my mountain bike. I still do a couple of short runs a week. But not near as much as IRONMAN years. I am still doing a few triathlons this year but those are not my focus at all – it is all about Leadville 100 MTB. Watch the video:


Would you encourage triathletes to add mountain biking to their activities, and if so, why?

Mountain biking is just a lot of fun. It is 100x more interesting than riding down the beach road for the 600th time. There is lots more interaction with the riding partners.


You have always been one to "give back" to the sport as a volunteer and also through Subway. What does that mean to you, or why is it important? What might you say to encourage others to give back to the sport?

Our company, supports local triathlon and biking every year. We don't know what we get for a return on that investment but we love the sport and love to see the local clubs grow.


What future goals do you have for training or racing?

There is only one goal: finish Leadville in under 12 hours. I will want to race IRONMAN again some year if my body holds up but this year I only have that one goal.


What have you learned through the sport that you would like to share with others? 

Triathlon is really a “lifestyle”. Getting up at 5am to swim 3x a week takes a change in lifestyle. Training 15-20 or more hours a week takes a big commitment. I guess some folks can do this half-way but I’m kicking most of their a$$es!!

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