Basic Triathlon Gear Packing List


Posted by Coach Liesl Begnaud

In the sport of triathlon, there are many pieces of gear and equipment to choose and to pack up for race day. Each item can make a difference! For instance, this weekend I completed my second brick workout for my upcoming race in March. The first bike, run, bike run workout was without “no tie” shoelaces and the second was with the “no-tie” shoelaces. What a difference a pair of shoelaces can make! (There are many brands so try a few different kinds with your run shoe BEFORE race day.) No-tie shoelaces are definitely on my “list”.

If you are new to the sport or need a refresher on the list, here is the “everything I need” to do a triathlon gear/equipment list:

Disclaimer: this is a BASIC list; the longer you do the sport the more gadgets you will want.  The key is want, not need.  If you are racing in the PC division, you will want to add your specific bike and run equipment to this list.

Items to keep in your transition bag that make the day brighter:

  • 2 Small Towels
  • Hairclips/ Hair bands
  • Sunscreen/ Chapstick
  • Baby powder for shoes
  • Insect repellent
  • Old shoes or flip flops to wear to the start of swim, (may not get these back)
  • Body Glide, Tri Glide, chamois cream
  • Tissues or toilet paper
  • Drops for eyes
  • Clothes to wear over tri kit before race starts; hat, jackets, gloves


  • Tri Suit or swimsuit
  • Wet suit
  • 2-3 plastic grocery bags to use to put on Wet suit
  • Swim Cap
  • Goggles (2 pair); goggle drops for cleaning


  • Bike, with or without aero bars
  • Bike plugs for road bike
  • Bike Computer (optional)
  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Tire Repair kit, with extra tube and tire change equipment, mounted on bike
  • Bento box to hold nutrition
  • 2 Water Bottles, 1 water and 1 Electrolyte Drink, put on bike


  • Shoes
  • “No-tie” shoelaces, already in shoes
  • Race Number on Race Belt
  • Hat
  • Watch (optional)


  • Pre-race food/ race food (bars/ gels)
  • Electrolytes, salt tabs or as a liquid
  • Water bottle full to drink before race


Liesl Begnaud is a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach and USMS Level 1 & 2 Coach who splits her year living and training between Denver, CO and Clermont, FL. Liesl has been racing endurance sports for over 13 years which includes two Ironman finishes, numerous marathons, cycling events and multiple triathlon age group podium finishes. She has assisted with Team MPI Paratriathlon Camps and been active with multiple triathlon clubs and teams. Her coaching philosophy is based on creating a caring partnership while working together to meet the athlete's goals. She helps her athletes to develop skills and confidence by encouraging them to train hard, play hard, have fun, and stay healthy while enjoying a balanced life. Prior to joining Team MPI, Liesl worked as a social worker with persons with disabilities and special needs. She can be reached at

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