Coach Laura at the New York City Marathon


Posted by Coach Laura Henry

Today I covered 26.2 miles in the city that I have always considered to be the greatest city in the world - New York City. My entry into the TCS New York City Marathon was both coerced and unexpected. Despite my best efforts to convince them otherwise, two of my friends convinced me that entering the lottery to get an entry was a good idea. Totally expecting to make an $11 donation to the New York Road Runners and get turned away like so many before me, I begrudgingly threw my name in the ring. Imagine my shock when not only was I one of the 19% of lottery entrants to be granted a bib for this year's race, but that I was part of an infinitely smaller all-time percentage to get into this race on my first attempt at the lottery.

The energy of this race is unlike any other I've ever run. There were high fives from kids literally every step of the way; Team RWB cheering sections in EVERY borough; and music, drums, cowbells, and cheers for all 26.2 miles.

Standing strong as she has for 100+ years, Lady Liberty can be seen from the Verrazano Bridge welcoming everyone to New York City. The best and bravest of New York City line the route - the NYPD and FDNY. The Freedom Tower soars over the Lower Manhattan skyline, a symbol of hope for this city and the world. Gazing at it, one acknowledges with a heavy heart that while it cost $3.8 billion to build, its true cost cannot be measured in dollar signs.

The New York City Marathon is more than just 26.2 miles of running. By welcoming people from all over the world with positive energy and cheers, it shows the world that there IS good out there, if you choose to seek it out.

Thank you to my family and friends for all of your never-ending love and support. I carried you all with me today, but the two friends who roped me into this whole she-bang definitely deserve a shout out: John & Sam. John, whose resilience and compassion inspires me to be a better human. Mile 25 was for you, buddy. Sam, whose never-ending support and life example continually inspires me to be the best version of myself. Sam, who was sad he couldn't run with me today. You DID run with me today, and Mile 26 was for you, my friend.

"We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count."
-Neal A. Maxwell

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