Consider a Mid-Season Training Camp


Posted by Coach Jamie Brown

It may still feel like early season, but the "dog days of summer" or the middle of the triathlon season is fast approaching. By that time you probably have trained for 5+ months and have raced multiple non-A races. At that point you may have a bit of a "race hangover." It's summer, kids are out of school, and vacations are scheduled. Your very structured and consistent training was on point in the early season. It's very easy now to start missing some workouts which could easily start to derail your second half.

So what is a easy way to get refocused and charged up for summer? Plan a mid-season training camp!

This can be a group of training partners that finds a destination and goes for a weekend or week.
Or it might be a professionally coached camp like Team MPI's IMFL Long Course Camp in September or a soon-to-be-announced IMCHOO Long Course Camp in August. Either way it's a great way to disconnect from your normal pools, rides, and runs.

This solid micro/mini training block introduces variety and spontaneous training days that help get you back on track and allow you to enjoy the sport and process of triathlon. Remember the triathlon season is very long and is much easier to manage in smaller blocks.

So ask yourself how much fun you are having with training and racing. Then consider something new and fresh like a camp.

~ Coach Jamie Brown

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