Getting Back to Being Active


Posted by Coach Mark


So the New Year has come, and you have lots of goals drawn out – good!  If you or any friends or family have listed “getting back to being active”, then we’ve got some helpful suggestions.



1) TRAINING:  If it’s been a long time since you’ve been active, let’s EASE into it.  Allow your body to get used to being active again.  At MPI, we believe in frequency in training.  So if you’re goal is to run 20 miles in a week, let’s shoot for five runs at 4 miles vs. two runs at 10 miles.  If you’re a former athlete but really out of shape, be patient!  You’ll get there!


2) RECOVERY: Along with frequency, comes consistency.  At MPI, we don’t really believe in over training, just poor recovery!  Now’s the time to give recovery your full attention to avoid, injury, metal burn out and debilitating fatigue.  Recovery techniques?  Hydrate after every session and take quality Protein.  We recommend Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP) from for your protein needs.  And make sure to self-massage with rollers or TPTherapy.


3) NUTRITION: Chances are you’ve neglected nutrition – time to change.  Start eating fresh foods, Omega 3 fats, lean meats and decrease the processed junk.  And remember, sugar sports drinks don’t make you faster, so be smart on how much you really need for sessions less than 2 hours.


4) WELLNESS: Have you had ankle, knee, back or neck issues in the past?  Have you ever talked to someone about taking quality supplements?  As you start your journey on this active lifestyle, now is a great time to find a trusted Wellness Doc along with a Chiropractor and Sports Massage Therapist.  We recommend you choose folks who are active themselves.  Form a “Team” of trusted individuals whom you can see to keep you healthy and feeling great.


5) MENTAL:  OK, we know you want results quickly.  And we know you want to have fun and feel good getting there.  But, it often takes time, and there are some “lows” that accompany the great “highs”.  It’s OK to not feel great all the time.  Don’t get down!  Understand that these waves of physical and emotional ups and downs are normal.  This is where knowing your body starts.  You’ll quickly learn the difference of being lazy vs. knowing when to take a day off.  Remember that you will feel good again!


6) RACING: You’re motivated now, but how about in 6 weeks?  Let’s find a race and put it on your calendar.  Having this target out in the future will help keep you focused.  Remember, racing is different than training – we want you to come up with a plan and execute that plan during the race.  You’ll be amazed at what you really can do.


So get excited, get motivated and get back to being active in 2012!

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