Lambs and Lions


Posted by Coach Chris Palmquist

"If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb."
(Or vice versa.)

This centuries-old weather adage survives from the desire of humans to predict their environment based on past experience. Weather and life tend to balance out over time, and often in March, we can experience a little of everything from the meteorological buffet.


In the Midwest, March 1st signifies new beginnings - from the promise of spring to the start of more race-specific training for that race that suddenly seems so near. Racing season can sneak up on us in Chicago. Here, March is truly a month of rapid change. The temperatures can cycle from 60 degrees to 20 degrees.  A blizzard on Wednesday, an outside ride on Saturday. And so it goes.


The optimists and believers prepare for spring despite the uncertainty. They tighten up training consistency.  They tackle hard days with a little more gusto and honor recovery days with just as much focus. They communicate with their coach. They know that despite beginning the day with a snow shovel in hand, the steamy days of summer racing are just around the corner.  They believe and they prepare.


I spent last week coaching a USAT Paratriathlon National Team training camp at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center (with Head Coach Mark Sortino). Our national team athletes have been preparing for this Olympic season for multiple years.  But those years have been quiet and "lamb-like" in comparison to what lies ahead. The next six months will finish with a roar at the Rio Paralympics in September. Every athlete shows increased intensity, concentration and desire. They will be ready to attack in their races, the first of which will be an important Paralympic selection race at CAMTRI in Sarasota on March 13th.

Coach Chris, Coach Wesley Johnson, Coach Mark


I always leave training camps with new inspiration from these elite and amazing athletes. This time, it is the reminder to focus on preparation now - even as another snow storm is forecast for us mid-week.  Believe in yourself and believe in spring. Prepare now for a 2016 racing season without regrets.  Change is in the air!


We are the lucky ones!

~ Coach Chris

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