Never Stop Moving


Posted by Coach Chris Palmquist

“I felt physically horrible last week,” said my running friend this morning.  Last week, she needed to spend much more time managing her business and therefore, ran far fewer miles than usual.  As a result, her “whole body hurt.”

This is no surprise to me.  Our bodies are meant to move regularly, especially outside in a natural environment.  So why don’t most Americans move? Beyond the obviously time consuming excuse of being an adult with a job and a family, we also are bombarded with messages encouraging us to “rest” and to be careful to not “overdo it.”  Well-meaning relatives and friends urge us to “save our knees” by running less and to lessen our stress by reducing our training load.  So many athletes-to-be are discouraged from sport because a cautious doctor advised them to settle for a walking regime rather than to pursue a bigger challenge.

Don’t get me wrong, walking is wonderful.  But if you want to run, lift, bike, swim or more, don’t let anyone talk you out of it (unless you have an acute injury or illness). Seek help from coaches and other professionals to navigate through the challenges. The benefits of training for any race or endurance challenge are fabulous. Be confident in your plans to get stronger, faster, fitter and more mobile – your body will thank you – through healthier bones, hormones, muscles and joints.

Movement is a requirement for good health.  But the magic really happens when we move outside.  Humans are meant to be outside.  We need to feel the breeze on our face and both sunshine and rain on our skin.  Our eye sight, our immune system, our brain health, our mental health, our happiness – all improve with time outside in a natural environment.

Finally, make opportunities to be active with friends. There are no greater friendships than those you have with your running buddies, your cycling partners and/or your lifting friends.  These are the people to whom you bare your soul and seek support.  Find friends and move with them regularly.  There is a strong, positive correlation between adult friendships and life expectancy – it is that important!

Like my friend, we all feel better, stronger and healthier during the weeks in which we work consistently towards our fitness goals.  Don’t let the sedentary naysayers convince you otherwise.  Your body and your brain require movement, outside time and friendships.

~ Coach Chris

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