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Posted by Coach John Murray


Each Thursday morning on Pensacola Beach Team MPI partners with Zarzaur Law and TriGulfCoast to host the “I Hate Open Water Swimming” event. I enjoy being a part of the improvement of triathletes as many of them begin to conquer an unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable challenge. As coaches at Team MPI we are sensitive to these challenges that many of the attendees face…and after working with adult triathletes for several years we have learned that one of the biggest challenges is simply taking the first step to sign up for a clinic, an open water swim or swim lessons. I frequently field phone calls from athletes prior to the start of a swim clinic warning me that they likely may be the worst swimmer I have ever encountered.

In typical fashion I spoke with an athlete a day or two before the Thursday Open Water Swim and this athlete warned me of their inability to swim well.  I responded by saying that we see all levels in our business and are accustomed to working with beginners. Then another reinforcement, “But you don’t understand, I probably have the worst stroke you’ve seen.” I encouraged the athlete and then partially in jest I said, “At Team MPI we are all about love.”

This comment came up again at the start of the swim, the athlete confirming that Team MPI was in fact, “…all about love.”

After the swim, the athlete was encouraged. He stayed in the shallow area, with others at his ability level, and enjoyed the camaraderie and confidence building that we see weekly.

Later, I thought about my comment to the athlete. We really are all about love at Team MPI.

  • We are passionate about the sport of triathlon.
  • We love to see athletes challenge themselves.
  • We love to see improvement in each athlete.
  • We love to share the joy as new triathletes cross the finish line for the first time.


Our sport is filled with passionate and encouraging coaches and athletes. As you consider new training challenges and other ways to improve you can be certain that others are contemplating the same. Go ahead and jump right in. You won’t regret it!

~ Coach John

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