The Theory of Positivity


Posted by Coach Jay Weber

The Theory of Positivity

Albert Einstein was a brilliant physicist who was able to quantify the theory of relativity. Simplified for minds like mine, it just means everything moves at the same speed regardless of how fast you are going. Triathlon is a sport where it is fun to go fast. The faster the better, as long as you can maintain it. Speed isn't something that you can always control, but how we view the race is always within our control.

It takes something like 4 muscles to smile, but 21 to frown. The smile can lead to great things, including how you view the race, and training day you have. Whether or not your training session or race goes the way you want it, you can look at it with the glass half full or the glass half empty.


This is not say you have to be delusional about how the event went, but perspective is important. Working within the industry, I talk to triathletes...a lot of them...on a daily basis. I am constantly amazed by how differently people approach their day. While I have not walked a single day in their shoes, I do know that I choose to smile, and enjoy each training session as much as possible (yes - track sessions hurt, master's workout at the pool are painful), but when I come across the line, or hit the wall, I put on a smile (or grimace). It changes my outlook on the workout, it changes the outlook of others around me.

I keep things far simpler than Albert Einstein did. My theory of positivity is to smile as much as possible, and look at the positives in the workout. There are always things that need improvement, but even my word choice can keep it positive. It was not a terrible workout; it was a workout where I might have had everything to improve, or things could have been better.

My face doesn't really frown- I look like an idiot when I try to frown. I am a naturally smiley person. I like to think that it helps others smile as well. The second part of my theory is that positivity is contagious. I think that the happier that I am, the more positive that I am, the more that people around me will be positive and the more likely they are to smile.

No one has a perfect race, and I have had my fair share of races where the entire event needed improvement. But I have been lucky enough to be out there, doing something that at some point I love.

Running, Cycling, Swimming or all three together are tough sports, but we're all lucky to get to compete in them. Be positive, be change, and enjoy yourself.

~ Coach Jay Weber

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