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Posted by Coach Liesl Begnaud

Team "Winter is Coming": Cerisi Lannister, John Snow, Danaerys Taragaryen


Last weekend, I participated in a Triathlon Relay.  The local tri club has been participating for years in this triathlon and it is an “end of season” fun event. I was given the opportunity to pick my top two legs of the relay and then I was randomly assigned.  I got the SWIM leg! 

This particular relay race was primarily a costume contest. My team chose to dress up as characters from the HBO series the Game of Thrones.  Only my problem was that I have never seen the show so the research was on!  I picked a character and hunted for my costume (me, top left).  For our team name we picked “Winter is Coming” and now all we had to do was get our costumes in order, show up to race and complete one leg of our relay.

I love the Triathlon relay.  I normally participate at least one each season.  The relay allows you to focus on one leg of the race and go all out!  It’s also a great way to participate in a race if you have an injury, for example you are laying off of running, but you can still bike and swim.  Triathlon relays are also a great way to introduce a friend to the sport of Triathlon.  Do you have a friend who is has just been running 5k’s?  Ask them to be your run leg.  Or is your friend a collegiate swimmer and never been on a bike?  Ask them be the swim leg.  The relay team is a great, supportive way to have fun and compete in a race.  The Triathlon atmosphere is contagious and maybe your non triathlon friends will catch the bug!

There are different types of races throughout your triathlon season, “A” races, serious races, “B” races, training races; make sure to include fun races into your mix and give a Triathlon relay a TRI!

Team "Tri and Find Us" won for best Team Name! (photo: Gaye Beckman)


More of the costumes! (photo: Gaye Beckman)

Coach Liesl Begnaud is a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach, USAT Paratriathlon Certified Coach, and USMS Level 1 & 2 Coach based in Denver, CO. Liesl has been racing endurance sports for over 13 years which includes two Ironman finishes, numerous marathons, cycling events and multiple triathlon age group podium finishes. She has assisted with Team MPI Paratriathlon Camps, coached cycling for Special Olympics, and has been active with multiple triathlon clubs and teams. Her coaching philosophy is based on creating a caring partnership while working together to meet the athlete's goals. She helps her athletes to develop skills and confidence by encouraging them to train hard, play hard, have fun, and stay healthy while enjoying a balanced life. Prior to joining the Team MPI coaching staff, Liesl worked as a social worker with persons with disabilities and special needs. Contact Coach Liesl at

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