True Confessions - My First Day At Swimming


Posted by Coach John Murray

I certainly understand the nervousness that some folks develop when they consider going to an organized swim training session, whether it's a new Masters practice or a swim clinic. Many have told me of the angst that crops up when they considered showing up for one of my group swim sessions. But, I really don't need to be told. I remember it all too well.

As a nine year old my Dad told me "next week you are joining the swim team." The apprehension grew as I was dropped off at the Boys' Club for my first day. However, I had a better plan. I would hang out in the game room and as it approached the time to get picked up I just wet my hair, toweled it off a bit and jumped in the car. Obviously I couldn't keep that façade on forever so after a 2-day run of my trickery I nervously headed to the pool. Funny thing is, I found something that would become a life long passion for me.

Today someone new joined us for her very first swim practice. I am very sensitive (as you know now) of that dreaded first time. I was proud of her for agreeing to join us. Although I had worked with her a bit prior, there were still plenty of reasons to feel out-of-place. She did great!

The vast majority of triathletes I know are extremely welcoming. As Coach Mark eludes to from time to time...very few triathletes started as kid, raced in college and have doing it for 40+ years. Most can remember very clearly those big milestones...riding 20 miles for the first time and feeling like a true cyclist, crossing the finish line of their first triathlon or showing up for their first group swim.

As the 2016 season quickly approaches, consider what you can do to better your performance. Consider joining us for one of our swim clinics. I guarantee all of the other attendees feel the same way and yes, the coach has been there, too.

~ Coach John

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