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Tell us a bit about yourself and your background:

I live in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, but I am originally from Columbus Ohio and a HUGE Ohio State Fan.  I obtained my USAT Level 1 coaching certification in 2014 and have been coaching part-time in Atlanta. I am married to my incredible wife Katharine and we have two amazing little ladies one of which is an IRONKID herself. I am an RN and a realtor, I have three cats, enjoy home brewing, I love to cook, travel, sit on the beach and do nothing, and taste wine! I am a USAT Level I Certified Coach, marathoner, and triathlete who has raced through the IRONMAN distance.

I am a Navy Veteran, having joined in 1989 where I was a Corpsman and was deployed in for Operation Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia. While in the Navy, I became certified as a Firefighter/Paramedic and was honorably discharged in 1992. I moved to Charleston SC and continued to work as a Paramedic for a few years.

I moved to Atlanta and went to work for a local fire department where the guys really liked to eat and that we did. After a couple of years of that, my weight was way up and fitness way down. At my heaviest I was 240 pounds and wearing 38 inch pants and for a 5'10" guy that's NOT healthy at all. So, I began to run and trained for my first 10k, the Peachtree Road Race in July of 2000. I loved how it made me feel, the weight fell off and I began racing nearly every weekend somewhere around town. While racing, I went back to school, this time I received my Nursing degree from University of North Georgia, and currently work as an RN, and dabble in real estate part time.


Katherine and Coach Brad

What were your sports growing up? I played golf, baseball, and ice hockey.


What was your first triathlon and how did that go?

I discovered Triathlon when I went to support a friend at an IRONGIRL race. The buzz, the vibe and the whole atmosphere around the event was electric and something I had never felt in any of my races. All of the athletes were prepping, transition was buzzing, and the faces of the participants were focused on what was to come. BOOM, the cannon sounded and it was a mad dash with everyone heading off to begin their own journey. As I stood there watching I thought "this is awesome, I can do this" and that was it. I found a sprint race, (Spring Fling in 2011) bought a road bike and a wetsuit and off I went. I finished almost dead last, but I WAS HOOKED!!!! Soon thereafter, I found myself really getting into this sport, so I bought a TRI bike, some TRI gadgets, etc. etc. and began to look for bigger races.


What has been one of your most memorable races and why?

IMFL 2012, my first and Mirinda Carfrae was there and as I was approaching the turn around, the crowd got really loud and I was thinking, "it's just me, no need to cheer!" Well it was her and I reached out my hand and she gave me a fist bump. Then in 2013 she hugged me as she was eating potato chips on the run course, John has a picture. I thought that was really cool.

My favorite was when I was finishing in 2012, i stopped at the Team MPI tent to give Coach Mark a hug and thank him (I was crying as I do every IM race) and he stated (in a stern voice) "don't stop, GO! What are you doing, you have 7 minutes to go sub 11, GO!!!!!!" So, I hugged and thanked and I took off. Then, just before the last turn Coach John was coming toward me, headed back for his second loop and he looked at me, pointed and said "Congrats Brad, you're an IRONMAN"!!! Of course I began my gushing and cried down the entire chute. Still, to this day, those are the most important and special moments of any race I've ever done!!!! I finished in 10:54:56 and afterwards Coach Mark kept telling me "I just can't get my head around your race!" He's never fully elaborated on that!


What are your A races this year? IRONMAN Vineman and IRONMAN Chattanooga.


What motivated you to become a certified coach?

Honestly, Mark and John. I wanted to help others in the way that they helped me.  I wanted to be part of something bigger, which meant to become a coach with MPI.


What types of triathletes are you most excited to coach and work with?

I enjoy working with those new to the sport, who are training for any distance, but regardless it's a process of baby steps first!


Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?  "Hate can't finish strong."  This is printed on my Road ID.


As a realtor, what features would a "triathlete dream house" have?

Indoor and outdoor lap pool and an incredible video wall/surround sound cycle and run studio!

Contact Coach Brad Noble at brad@teammpi.com.

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