When Training Session Doesn't Go So Good


Posted by Coach Mark

(Originally from www.bodyhealth.com)

Ahhhh…we love those wonderful training sessions that go smoothly. We feel light on our feet, strong and invincible. Some times, even when we’re not feeling up to it, we go out and begin what feels like a terrible session only to finish feeling fantastic. This is why we love training!

But occasionally, there are those days when our training session doesn’t go so good. It may be that we don’t hit our run interval numbers, swim times or power numbers on the bike. Or it may even be that just going easy still requires an immense and unusual amount of effort. But when it happens, it can crush your confidence. You wonder, “Am I training correctly?” “Why did this happen?” “Maybe I CAN’T perform at the level required to achieve my goals?” Follow this session with another session just as bad, and the doubt, uncertainty and fear creep in.

But guess what? This happens to everyone. The fact is that we cannot have perfect training sessions all the time. We do have bad days. It may be due to inadequate rest, nutrition, or lack of sleep. Maybe it is due to stress at work or at home? Or maybe we just put the wrong sessions together and didn’t recover properly. How can we prevent this as best as possible?   First, have a sound training plan that allows for not only stressing the body, but also for regeneration and adaptation. A professional coach can take care of this for you. Second, at Multisport Performance Institute (MPI) we believe poor recovery is more to blame than over training, so we must allow our body to recover. Finally, nutrition and hydration are keys to helping the body repair and regenerate and be ready for the next training session. MAP is the single most important nutritional tool we recommend for this! Certainly there are other things you can do as well, but focus on these three and you should limit those bad days.

One more thing…when we’re confronted with a bad session and still have much more to do in order to complete it, be a smart and responsible athlete – back off! Slow down, take care of nutrition or hydration if required and even cut the session short. There’s no point in stopping completely and slamming your fists on the ground yelling to all that you’re terrible. No temper tantrums! Be a responsible athlete and modify the session – then go call your coach to start to figure out why it happened. 

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