You’ve Got to See It, To Believe IT


Posted by Coach Mark

Reposted from April, 2010

See It To Believe It !

You know when you’re reading about a place, and you close your eyes and imagine your there?  Or when you see a movie or TV program and place yourself in that location?  Maybe you close your eyes and visualize lying down at the beach?  Maybe you’re on top of a mountain looking at the clear deep-blue sky above and ski slope below?  Or maybe you’re running through a forest on a dirt trail as you take in all the smells of spring?  Well, with racing season upon us, it’s the perfect time to really focus on visualization and remind ourselves how powerful a tool it is.

Whether you’re preparing for a Sprint “B” race or your Ironman “A” race, you should always prepare mentally the same for both.

If you’re familiar with the course, you should visualize yourself racing on it.  Picture in your mind’s eye the swim start, the bike hills and the turns on the run.  Begin to visualize where some of the challenging parts of the course are and where some of the fast parts are.  If you have some rivals you know are racing there as well, see yourself passing them at a specific spot during the event.  Imagine how you will feel and how you WANT to feel on the course.  Practice your nutrition strategy in your head – see where you take your water, electrolytes and MAP pills.

If you aren’t familiar with the course, arrive early enough to the race venue to look at the swim area and drive the bike and run course.  Note landmarks and distances so you can predict where you’ll be at a certain time.  Spend time at the finish line and imagine yourself crossing with your arms in the air.  The more time you “see” yourself on that course, the higher the probability you will perform to your potential. When do you start this visualization process?  As early as you want.  You can visualize yourself racing during training, during relaxing moments throughout the day or at night while falling asleep.

Of course, you need to eat well, sleep well and take your MAP pills leading up to the race, but following these visualization techniques will lead you to success.

Most importantly, see yourself approaching and crossing that finish line!  You’ve given a lot of time to training, so now’s the time to perform and believe in yourself…and you gotta see it, to believe it!

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