Professional Bike Fitting

Cost: Determined by individual Team MPI Coach for up to a 2-hour session.
Where: In Hometown of F.I.S.T. certified Team MPI Coaches 

Utilizing the Exit Fit Bike, Team MPI coaches will work with the athlete to determine exact “fit coordinates” for a triathlon position. Team MPI will then be able to adjust athlete’s existing bike and/or work with athlete to view database on which bike brand/model fits them for purchase.

The System and Tools

F.I.S.T. (Fit Institute Slow Twitch) is the standard in the triathlon and time-trial community by which all other fit systems are measured. Dan Empfield, the inventor of the modern triathlon bicycle and founder of Quintana Roo, and his crew developed the F.I.S.T. system after years of studying the science of triathlon bike building and fitting. Team MPI coaches have been personally fit and trained in this system by Dan at F.I.S.T. headquarters at Xantusia, California, and adhere to those fit axioms that make this system so successful.

Team MPI coaches use the F.I.S.T. preferred fit tool, the Exit Cycling Fit Bike developed by Ves Mandaric - former master frame builder for Quintana Roo. Unlike other fit simulators, the Exit Fit Bike allows me to make multiple adjustments to the “bike” while the rider is actually cycling. This ability to get immediate rider feedback in this dynamic system sets the Exit Fit Bike apart from other fitting tools. Combined with the F.I.S.T. system, the Exit Fit Bike is simply the best triathlon and time-trial fitting tool. With our extensive triathlon training and racing experience, you wont get a better or more professional fit from anyone else.

Triathlon Fit Coordinates

Whether you’re thinking about racing your first Triathlon or you’ve been racing for years, a professional and proper triathlon bike fit will pay huge dividends to you. Comfort, power, aerodynamics and optimizing muscle groups while saving others for the run all contribute to a successful bike and run leg of a triathlon and are the result of a professional bike fit.

Do you own a triathlon bike? If so, were you properly fit? Or maybe you have a road bike and want to buy a triathlon bike. What size and what brand should you buy? Certainly walking into any bike shop will afford you an opportunity to receive a plethora of recommendations – most of which probably revolve around what bikes that particular store sells.

But what if you could team up with a professional and together discover your optimal triathlon fit coordinates? Could you then convert these measurements and determine which bikes and which sizes fit your optimal triathlon position? You bet! And once armed with this information, you will then know which brands and what size in those brands fit.


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