Team MPI coaches are comprised of USA Triathlon Certified coaches with decades of racing and training experience. Team MPI's performance philosophy is based on FREQUENCY, CONSISTENCY and SELF AWARENESS. 

With Team MPI's Coaching Programs, athletes can expect superior personalized plans and one-on-one instruction. From years of experience, knowledge and a true passion for the sport, Team MPI coaches can help you achieve your goals and set new ones that you'd never dream possible. To learn more about the Team of Elite Coaches, check our Coaches Page.


Team MPI Mission Statement:

"To foster the inclusion of sport in daily life in a balanced and enriching way that provides a sense of purpose, accomplishment and joy."


The Team MPI Mission for Coaches:

"To build a community of coaches working in a collaborative and supportive environment to learn, teach and share knowledge in the rewarding profession of multisport coaching."  

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Team MPI Performance Coaching Plans

If you're looking for personalized coaching, daily training plans and unlimitted communication with your coaches, these plans are for you! Regardless of where you live, Team MPI is able to provide you with daily training plans tailored to you and your constantly changing life.  Click HERE for more information on these extremely successful plans.


Team MPI Session-Based Coaching Packages

Not ready for a full time coach, but want access to one? Want to work on very specific areas of your performance via phone or video call? Or maybe you'd like to see what's it's like to "train with the Team MPI coaches" in person? You can with the "Team MPI Session-Based Coaching Package".  YOU get to customize your package to suit your needs and desires. Click HERE for more information on this unique coaching program!


Team MPI CUSTOMIZED Stand-Alone Training Plans

These high-quality plans are written by experienced and certified MPI coaches, BUT they are CUSTOMIZED for the individual athlete!  MPI coaches will interview the athlete learning their target race, availability, capability, etc and then write a customized 3, 4 or 5+ month training plan leading up to their "A" race.  Click HERE for more information on this wonderful option for coaching! 


MPI Mental Performance Coaching

The body will only go where the mind takes it. Some of the most challenging barriers to performance and enjoyment have nothing to do with our physical readiness and everything to do with how prepared and confident we are to deal with the various mental challenges that come with a love for endurance sports. Team MPI is proud to offer mental performance coaching as an upgrade to our performance coaching plans, as well as a stand-alone package to augment any athlete’s approach to training. Click HERE for more information on how to enhance both performance and enjoyment with mental training. 



Interested in training for a group of you and your friends? Why "Yes", we do that as well. Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss what Team MPI can do for you!





At Team MPI, we value honesty, character and fair play more than anything else. In light of the ever present potential of doping going on in Professional, Elite Age-Grouper and Amateur Age-Grouper ranks, Team MPI instituted an anti-doping policy. This is not intended to imply that any current Team MPI Athlete is doping. On the contrary, this is to protect clean athletes from having invested time, money and work unfairly negated by cheaters. Additionally, this is to help bring to light and educate athletes that they are, in fact, responsible for everything they put into their bodies and thus should know if they are taking, being prescribed or are at risk of unintentionally taking illegal substances as defined by U.S. Anti Doping Agency (USADA) and World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).


Team MPI Anti-Doping Policy

I understand that Team MPI has a zero tolerance policy for doping. This is defined as an athlete taking illegal, prohibited substances listed in the WADA Prohibited List. Depending on the race event, either USADA (USAT sanctioned events for example) or WADA (Ironman sanctioned events for example) rules apply.


If an athlete is known to have taken a prohibited substance by any coaching staff on Team MPI or has tested positive by any National or International drug testing organization and does not have a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) authorizing use during training or competing or both, he/she will no longer be a Team MPI athlete.


I understand that it is my responsibility to know what is prohibited and what I ingest into my own body. I fully support clean sport and understand Team MPI’s zero tolerance policy.





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What People Are Saying About the Program

"I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your knowledge, attentiveness, advice and support throughout our 70.3 training. I know I speak for myself and Tony when I say you guys REALLY know your stuff!!! Things really came together for us and we both had great races. Not only did we have great performances, but a really enjoyable time as well. We were VERY prepared for our race! We really enjoyed working with both of you. My only regret is that we do not live closer to you!!"


"Zero issues or injuries. Recovering quickly and very happy with my progress. MPI is dialed in on my goals - Thanks. Looking forward to the next 6+ weeks of training."


"I want to thank you for taking an interest in me and helping me with my triathlon training. So many times coaches only want to coach the best and leave the age grouper behind. You guys like us all."



Interested in Joining Team MPI as a Coach?

Are you currently a USAT Certified Coach and interested in joining a world-class coaching company? Team MPI prides itself on mentoring coaches and sharing information on new techniques in all aspects of coaching. Team MPI wants every Coach to take their coaching career as far as they desire and provide the tools and community to get you there. This is a select group of coaches around the country, so selection is competative. If interested, contact





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