Not ready to commit to a full-time coach but still have questions...Maybe a Team MPI Session-Based Coaching Package is for you!


  • Interested in having MPI coaches evaluate your current plan and train some with you?

  • Looking for professional guidance and "hands-on" coaching for your run speed training?

  • Want MPI coaches pushing you on bike power sessions?

  • Open water makes you nervous...want to do something about that?

  • Don't know how to swim but want to do a triathlon?

  • Need guidance on planning your season or goal setting and want to video or call a coach?

  • Just want training time with USAT Certified coaches focusing on all disciplines:  swim, bike, run and transitions?


Our SESSION-BASED COACHING PACKAGE is your opportunity to tailor one-on-one coaching sessions to your triathlon training needs. The sessions can be "in-person" or via video conference or phone call. Use your hour-long sessions to fine-tune your training. This unique "create your own" package allows you to pick from an extensive menu to handcraft your triathlon training and education. You can use this for an individual 1-hour session or combine them for multiple hour sessions that are customized for you.

You can choose a 1- session, 5-session or 10-session package.  Take a look at some possible sessions below:


Video Conference or Phone Call Session Examples 

  • How to pick the right blend of races for a successful season

  • When to address athlete weaknesses and how

  • When to strengthen athlete strengths and how

  • How to develop a nutrition plan to support a race effort or training

  • Seasonal evaluation – talk through your last season and what went right and what can be improved

  • Best way to periodize training throughout a season

  • Develop benchmark workouts or training objectives that will help guide the your training and work towards achieving upcoming season's goals

  • How to structure a week of training during the current training phase based on your schedule and energy

  • Address any anxiety/nerves with mental skills and how to improve


Swim Session Examples

  • Stroke technique

  • Open water

  • How to create training sessions

  • Pacing

  • Entry/Exit

  • Swimming comfort


Bike Session Examples

  • Proper riding position

  • Interval training

  • Cycling drills

  • Cadence improvement

  • Steady state and threshold

  • Handling

  • Gearing

  • Maintenance


Run Session Examples

  • Gait evaluation

  • Intervals

  • Speedwork

  • Marathon training

  • Run Drills



The 5 session Performance Package: $300 (savings of $25)

The 10 session Performance Package: $500 (savings of $150)

1 Hour Single Session In-person coaching or video/phone consultations: $65


If interested, contact a Team MPI Coach to discuss options. Together - as a team - MPI will work with you to create a valuable and worth while program that will take you to the next level!  Not sure which coach to contact? Contact Team MPI at: 850.564.8745 or