In-Person Swim Video Analysis

Swim Video Analysis is an amazing opportunity for an athlete to learn precisely what to improve and how to do it from a professional Team MPI coach. The session will involve a brief overview followed by a warm up and then filming of the athlete's freestyle stroke. An immediate review of the video will follow allowing prompt feedback. Then it's back in the water for corrections, more instruction and new drills to learn and practice. This one-on-one in-person coaching is a phenominal way to jump start your swim. Contact a Team MPI Coach near you! 


Remote Swim Video Analysis

What if you don't live in the same city or town as a Team MPI Coach? No worries! Team MPI conducts dozens and dozens of remote Swim Video Analysis sessions every year. All the athlete needs to do is to capture themselves in six different perspectives with video while in a pool and then send to a Team MPI coach. After reviewing video, the Team MPI coach will contact the athlete and set up a video appointment to review the video together. If interested, please email


Individual Swim Instruction

These one hour triathlon swim sessions are specifically tailored to each athlete and will include evaluation, targeted skills and drill sessions along with recommended swim sets. Individual swim instruction is designed to improve efficiency, power and comfort in the water for the athlete either in a pool or open water. This is a FANTASTIC opportunity to have your stroke analyzed by a professional triathlon swim coach. You'll be given Whether you're new to swimming or a veteran life-long swimmer, nothing promotes immediate improvement better than seeing your stroke on video with a professional coach! Contact a Team MPI Coach near you!



In-Person Swim Video Analysis

Cost: $150 per athlete
1 swim video analysis
Duration: 1.5 hours


Remote Swim Video Analysis

Cost: $100
1 remote swim video analysis
Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours


Individual Swim Instruction:

Cost: $65
Duration: 1 hour


Group Instruction

Cost: Contact us at


Team MPI Session-Based Coaching Package - Swim ( 5 or 10 Session)

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