Come. Collaborate. Learn. Go Teach.

Coach Retreats

Team MPI's group of Coaches believe in collaboration and growth. Each Coach at Team MPI has a Coach Mentor, and every month a Professional Advancement of Coaching Education (PACE) video presentation is conducted by a different Team MPI Coach that brings the team together to learn and grow.
As part of our Coach education and growth, Team MPI holds Coach Retreats that consist of presentations, demonstrations and practical applications of timely subjects within the world of coaching and endurance sports. 
This belief in collaboration extends to those Coaches and athletes outside of Team MPI as well. That's why we've created our Coaches Retreats. Come join us online for a half-day of interesting and inspiring presentations along with a warm social atmosphere that invites discussion, sharing and learning. 
Team MPI is excited to offer four Virtual Coach Retreats for 2021! Each one will be a half day and contain four 1-hour presentations over Zoom. These half-day sessions will enhance your knowledge, introduce you to some of the best coaches in the country and earn you USA Triathlon and USA Cycling Coaching CEU's! Here are our 2021 Line-Up:

Virtual #1

Friday, March 19, 2021 

Theme: Cycling


Virtual #2

Friday, June 18 2021

Theme: Swimming


Virtual #3

Friday, September 17, 2021

Theme: Running


Virtual #4
Wednesday, November 10,  2021

Theme: Growing Your Coaching Business

All sessions are held on Zoom and will adhere to the below time schedule (MST):

Sample Schedule - all times MST

7:00–7:10        Check into Zoom Meeting Portal and attendance count
7:10                    Welcome Remarks & introduction - Mark Sortino
7:15–8:15        “Presentation #1” – Team MPI Coach
8:15–9:15        “Presentation #2” – Team MPI Coach
9:15–9:30        “Breakout Rooms” – Social Conversations On Any Topics
9:35–10:35      “Presentation #3” – Team MPI Coach
10:35–11:35    “Presentation #4” – Team MPI Coach
11:35-11:45      Close out Questions

Whether a Coach or Athlete, come learn with us.
What did attending Coaches like?
"The overall value (especially considering the low cost of $75) was incredible! All excellent speakers, very engaging. The slides were also all very good. Not too much information, just the right level to remember the content, the key points. Very well done."
"Great People, Doing Great things, Striving for Greatness. (You can use that if you want)"
"Our coaching philosophy was affirmed many ways over by hearing about a large and successful company like MPI prioritizing the same ideals as we do. "
Biggest Takeaways from attending Coaches?
"Collaboration and insight from other coaches is a valuable resource to enhance coaching development"
"Everyone has a different style of coaching (seen in the various presentations) OWN your style!"
"#1 simply how important it is to keep talking to other coaches if for nothing more then to be reminded that what a coach goes through is pretty normal across the board. "