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Coaches Retreat - East Coast

January 11, 2020
Tampa, FL
Come join Team MPI on our annual Coaches Retreat for a full day of instruction that will enhance your knowledge, introduce you to some of the best coaches in the country and earn you USA Triathlon and USA Cycling Coaching CEU's!
Team MPI's group of Coaches believe in collaboration and growth. Each Coach at Team MPI has a Coach Mentor, and every month a Professional Advancement of Coaching Education (PACE) video presentation is conducted by a different Team MPI Coach that brings the team together to learn and grow.
This belief in collaboration extends to those Coaches and athletes outside of Team MPI as well. That's why we've created our Coaches Retreats. Come join us in Tampa, Florida for a full day of interesting and inspiring presentations along with a warm social atmosphere that invites discussion, sharing and learning. 
Come. Collaborate. Learn. Go Teach.
  • 7 hrs of amazing presentations by some of the best Coaches in the U.S.
  • Collaborate with different types of Endurance Coaches from all over the country
  • An opportunity to gain a Coach Mentor 
  • 7 CEU's from USA Triathlon for your recertification
  • 7 CEU's from USA Cycling  for your recertification
  • Plenty of opportunities to meet new coaches and athletes
  • Team MPI SWAG
Whether a Coach or Athlete, come learn with us.

Coach Retreat Schedule

12:00-4:00pm  Arrival of Coaches
5:00-7:00           Team MPI Coaches and their Guests Reception, Location: TBD
7:30                     Dinner, You're On Your Own (YOYO)
OPEN to outside Coaches & Athletes

6:30–7:30am    Breakfast: YOYO 
7:15–7:30          Check-in for visiting Coaches (outside of Team MPI)
7:30                     Welcome Remarks - Mark Sortino
7:30–8:30          "
Growing Your Coaching Business" - Mark Sortino
8:45–9:45          "
Athlete Retention - A Coach & Athlete Perspective" - Laura Henry  
9:45–10:15        Group Discussion Block
10:15–11:15     "
IRONMAN® University: The Path Ahead" - Earl Walton (Global Dir IMU)    

11:15–12:15      Lunch (YOYO)
12:15–1:15       “
Bike Fitting for Everyone, Practical Application” - Adam Sczech
1:30–2:30          “
Coaching NEW Adult Swimmers, Best Practices" - Mark Sortino
2:30-3:00           Group Discussion Block
3:00–4:00          "
Coaching the Para-Athlete" - Becky Piper           
4:00–5:00          "I
ncluding Mental Strength Training in your Athlete's Plan" - Mark Turner  
5:00                      Wrap up for the day - Mark Sortino
6:30                      Dinner (YOYO)

Team MPI Coaches ONLY
6:30–7:30am      Breakfast: YOYO
7:30–8:30             "Harnessing Social Media the RIGHT Way" - Cortney Martin
8:45–9:45             “Online Training Program & Google Docs" - Mark Sortino & Laura Henry
9:45–10:15           Group Discussion Block
10:15-11:00         “Partnering with Local Businesses - A How To" - Maria Netherland
11:15-12:00        “Coaching Three Athletes to IRONMAN® Success" - Gregg Edelstein
12:00                      Wrap up and Retreat concludes - Mark Sortino
OW Registration Info
USAT ApprovedContinuingEduCourse_7 CEUs_
Saturday schedule is open to Coaches or Ahtletes. 
Saturday Retreat = *$75.00

*USAT & USAC Completion Certificate worth 7 CEUs Each



Meeting location


  3131 Executive Drive, Clearwater, Florida 33762 

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