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Endurance Sports - All the Others

We're not afraid of being and doing "different" - We embrace it!

Do you dance to a different beat? Or maybe you've got bored with traditional mainstream sports and long for something new and unknown? Or maybe you live in an area where winter is the longest season of the year and you'd much rather be on a pair of "sticks"? 

Or maybe you're in the military and have regular Physical Readiness Tests once or twice a year and want to be active in something that helps prepare you for that?


We love sport. Period. We're students of it, and we've got a thirst for anything that challenges the body and the mind...oh, and is flat-out FUN!


So check out a few sports we've been coaching below, but if your sport isn't listed, don't let that stop you. FIND a Team MPI Coach and invite them to join your Team. We will use all our decades of experience and knowledge to get you to that finish line - whatever it may look like!

The Team MPI Difference

UNLIMITED communication with your coach

Personalized plan written JUST for you

Professional and certified Coach that YOU select

Your Coach is backed by the team of Coaches at Team MPI

Robust Social Media Team promoting YOU!

Online Training calendar delivered daily to your email

Deep discounts on products from Team MPI Partners

"Welcome Aboard" Team MPI SWAG package


Decide which option is best for YOU, or wait until you chat with a Coach

Learn About our plans


Choose your Coach

Select your Coach below, OR 
Start your FREE Coach Consultation HERE


Pick your start date...

And learn what it feels like to have a passionate, professional Coach on YOUR team
Choose a Plan

Performance Coaching

Our FULL package of service. With Performance Coaching, we can achieve anything!

  • Monthly fee is Coach specific

  • One-time $100 startup fee

  • Minimum 3-month commitment

  • 20% discount for Active Duty Military & Para Athletes 

  • Free online training account

  • Free TeamMPI Tech T-Shirt, Swim Cap, bike bottle, & some other goodies

  • UNLIMITED communication with your Team MPI Coach 

Customized Stand-Alone Training Plan

Not ready to commit to a full-time coach but want more than a pre-written, canned training plan? How about a plan written specifically for your schedule and time to train?

  • Monthly fee starts at $100 (Coached Based)

  • One-time $100 startup fee 

  • Minimum of 3 months in duration

  • Payment due in full before start date of plan 

  • Free online training account

  • Customized plan for YOUR time-to-train and ability

  • Work with Coach in building plan, then you're on your own to execute the plan

Session-Based Coaching Packages

Want one-on-one time with a Professional Coach? Review your race schedule, work on your swim, bike or run or even talk nutrition? Here are your options:

  • Hourly fee is Coach specific

  • 5-session package saves you almost 8%

  • 10-session package saves you over 23%

  • Payment due in full before start of sessions

  • Phone, Video Conference or In-Person sessions

  • YOU choose topic or training session

  • Schedule works around YOUR availability

  • Swim, Bike and Run analysis are ALL available

What's Your Sport?

Obstacle Course Racing

Mudd, mudd and more mudd - bring it! Why not throw in some water and fire? Contact us if you want to be fit to crush these events!  
Mark Sortino

Head Coach

Boise, ID

Don't see your sport listed? No worries, you connect with our Team MPI Coaches - any of them - and they'll take you to where you want to go!
  • You can contact and interview as many Coaches as you like
  • If you're not sure, let us match you with a few Coaches to interview HERE
  • Remember, YOU Get to choose - we work for YOU!
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