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The Next Chapter

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

by Coach (RET) John Murray

Sometimes we plan out nearly every detail of our coming days, weeks, months and years. Occasionally our plans take an alternate route that we did not see coming. This is the case for my wife and me.

Several months ago, an idea was casually discussed between us. This idea was to sell nearly all of our possessions and buy an RV. We dreamed of seeing places in these United States that we had only read about or seen on TV. The discussions became more pointed and detailed…and eventually the question of “do you think we can really do this” was answered with “yes!”

So, fast-forward to now and our crazy little idea has manifested into reality. We are now living in a 31 foot, rear kitchen, fifth wheel RV. We purchased a Ram dually to pull our “house” and are presently residing on Naval Air Station Pensacola’s RV park. Adjusting to this brand-new and unfamiliar world has been marginally challenging but we are both really enjoying it.

Both of us have work obligations that will take us towards the end of the calendar year. After that we are pulling up stakes, retiring from our jobs and taking off for points unknown.

Leaving Team MPI is a tough decision. Although it was only 8 years ago that Mark and I began discussions about how to create a triathlon coaching business, it has been an all-encompassing undertaking. From starting with nearly nothing to witnessing the growth of where we are now has been fantastic. Personally, I have had the pleasure of seeing dozens of athletes achieve goals that they previously would not have imagined. Maybe there is even a hidden parallel between the idea to form Team MPI and the idea to see the country in an RV.

As Kelly and I push off from this area we look forward to seeing something new and different around each corner. I hope I get a chance to run into some of the wonderful people I have met through all my previous adventures!

The Tour:

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