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Evaluating Online Triathlon Info & Coach Allen's Bookmarks

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

There's no lack of information about the sport of triathlon. It can be difficult to separate good advice from bad, or resolve conflicting information. That said, we all know that success in this sport (or anything really) is about continuing to learn and evolve. That learning can come from our own experiences, the experiences of other triathletes, from our coaches, and from the vast ocean (sometimes abyss) of the Internet. In the spirit of learning, it's valuable to create and share lists of reputable, valuable, and practical websites and blogs. Here are some guidlines for evaluating information:

  • Is the information trustworthy? Does the author/speaker have credibility, credentials, education, experience, etc in the field that they are discussing. What is the motivation of the author? Are they trying to sell a product and if so, are they acknowledging that?

  • What should we look for? Look for authors/speakers who are always evolving, use real data, and not afraid to challenge their beliefs with new information.

  • Is there information to avoid? Nutrition and training strategies can vary wildly. Be aware that mixing approaches can negatively impact the potential outcome of any specific approach.

  • Are there red flags to pay atttention to? Often the loudest and most assured voices have very little to back up what they are preaching. Be wary of anyone acting infallible in their one-size-fits-all approach.

Here are a list of some of my bookmarks:

  • - Our team continues to learn and evolve from one another and the knowledge of the coaches is ever expanding.

  • - Good variety of top level coaches sharing information.

  • - A pro's blog, I read/follow lots of pros, but his info is always outstanding. I switched to lace up cycling shoes with bungee laces because of his article on it and have found it to be a far superior option to the tri shoes on the market.

  • - The MAN in reviewing any and all electronics.

  • - His reviews and opinions are informative, and they have some great products as well.

Just because someone says something is fast doesn't make it true, data does. These sites show you how to go faster with the same effort, based on data!

What's on your list?



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