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Long Course Prep Camps

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

by Coach (RET) John Murray

2017 IMFL Long Course Camp Athletes with Coach MarkT and Coach April

Team MPI recognized early on the helpfulness of 2-3 days of a coach-led camp that is focused on a specific race. We designed the curriculum based on what we, as triathletes, would find most beneficial. Races such as IRONMAN events have many moving parts and our goals are to simplify and clarify all of the essential information. Course reconnaissance helps athletes consider strategies and sends them into a race with composure and confidence. Another piece of our camp creation strategy was to assure that each attendee has access to the coach. Team MPI’s desired coach-athlete ratio is 1:6. We have always felt that a more intimate environment yields the best outcomes.

We have also learned that, in many cases, a misconception lives among potential campers when considering our camps. Prior to a camp, as we are marketing to the masses, athletes have mentioned that would like to come to the camp but are concerned that they are not at the caliber yet to attend. This is a flawed way of thinking. Generally, we have a mixture of different abilities including a cadre of "back of the packers." Many of the attendees have never attempted an Ironman before and see this as the smartest investment that they can make to help them have a better race and cross that elusive finish line.

Other byproducts come out of attending the camp. New friendships are born. Offline discussions between athletes are great ways to learn about different techniques. Also, just visiting a race site and learning the “lay of the land” sets one’s mind at ease.

The feedback that we have received over the years, and the athletes' experiences on race day, have reassured us that we are doing the right thing with the curriculum and course exposure. We work hard to create a camp that delivers our goal…Smarter, Stronger, Faster triathletes!

If you are thinking of IMFL next year, keep an eye on our website for the announcement of the 2018 camp. And to those athletes who joined us this year, we will see you at the IMFL finish line!

Photos by Coach John Murray and Coach April Corey. For more photos see our Facebook album here!

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