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Second Annual Team MPI Retreat Sets Standards for Coaching Best Practices

Boise, ID – January 30, 2018 – Team MPI (Multisport Performance Institute) – Team MPI coaches gathered in Houston, Texas the weekend of January 20-21 for the second annual Team MPI Coaches Retreat and Coaching Seminar. The sessions on January 20th were open to outside coaches and athletes, with USAT Certified coaches eligible to receive 6 USAT CEUs.

To say that this was an extremely impactful weekend would seem to be an understatement. Here’s what two coaches had to share:

“The difference between a good coach and a great coach is humility. A great coach understands that they do not, and will not ever, know everything. Team MPI strives to be a company of great coaches, and I believe that it is. All of us bring different things to the table, but our core values are the same. Humility. Compassion. Honesty. Open-mindedness. Respect. Professionalism. Authenticity. This weekend, we spent time learning from each other. Different perspectives, experiences, and specialties combined so that all of us could immerse ourselves in a collaborative environment to grow. And now, as we head back to wherever home is for each of us, we are bringing takeaways from this weekend of learning back so that we can serve the athletes who we work for better. There isn’t much that excites us more than that.” ~Coach Laura Henry

“It’s always humbling to learn from some of the most knowledgeable, committed, and passionate coaches I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in the world of triathlon and endurance sports. From swim to bike to run and everything before, after, and between, I’m so thankful part of Team MPI where continued growth is a PRIORITY!” – Coach Amanda Leibovitz.

Collaboration and sharing of best practices are central to the core values of the team. The seminar allowed for exploration of topics in personally meaningful ways with plenty of discussions and participatory demonstrations. Expert-led sessions included:

  • Coaching the Swim better than everyone else – Coach Mark Sortino

  • VSF Bike Fit: Principles that you can use – Coach Adam Sczech

  • Metabolic Testing: The how and why of testing – Physician and Coach Manuel Delgado Gaona

  • Run Training Devices – Coach Mark Turner

  • Ethics in Coaching: Doing the Right Thing – Coach Mark Sortino

  • Block Meso Cycles: Build Strength with Power Sessions – Coach Chris Palmquist and Coach Adam Sczech

  • Strength & Conditioning for the Endurance Athlete – Coach Laura Henry

  • Coach vs. Friend: Navigating Relationships with Athletes – Coach Amanda Leibovitz

  • Team MPI Language in Training (zones, systems, etc.) – Coach Mark Sortino

  • Coaching Fatigue: What to do When Athletes Lose Interest – Coach Amanda Leibovitz

  • Designing Perfect Clinics and Camps – Coach Mark Turner

  • Coaching Business: Proven Strategies to attract athletes – Coach Mark Sortino and Coach Chris Palmquist

Special thanks to Johnny Z’s Powerhouse Racing for the opening reception.

Mark Sortino, Head Coach and Founder of Team MPI, remarked, “These annual retreats for our Coaching Staff provide opportunities for our Team to not only reconnect in person and with other outside coaches, but also to learn from each other through a robust and innovative coaching curriculum. Collaboration is at the core of our coaching philosophy.”

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