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Charity Miles with Team MPI

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

by Laura Henry

What if you could donate a tremendous amount of money to charity without having to actually give a dime??

You can!! An awesome app called Charity Miles makes this possible. And we just created a team for Team MPI!

Charity Miles is an app that donates money to charity for each mile exercised - $0.25 for each mile run/walked and $0.10 for each mile cycled. The money that is donated comes via corporate sponsorships, so there isn’t any cost at all to the athlete. The app currently contains 42 charities that you can choose from; you can choose a different charity each time you exercise or leave it set to the same charity each time. Here's the list of charities, many of which are very well known!

How does this work?? You load the app prior to beginning your workout, and select which mode you’d like to be in (Outdoor Run, Indoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Indoor Walk, Outdoor Cycling are the options). If you choose an outdoor mode, the app will use the GPS in your phone to calculate your mileage. If you choose an indoor mode, it’ll use your phone’s internal accelerometer to estimate your mileage. At this time, it’s not possible to use another fitness platform (such as Garmin Connect or FitBit) to get your miles; you must use the app during the workout.

I’ve personally been using Charity Miles for over four years and to date, I’ve logged 10,000 miles with the app. Assuming the lowest possible donation per mile, that means that $1,000 has been donated to charity in that time period. Since my miles are a mixture of running, walking, and cycling, that total is actually much more than $1,000. What I love most about this is that I would have been completing these miles anyway, but I’ve been able to have these miles make an impact just by taking the couple of seconds before and after each workout to use the Charity Miles app.

Join our Team MPI team on Charity Miles by searching for “Team MPI” in the app and join us as we walk, run, and bike for a cause!!

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