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Burst Training

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

With racing season in full tilt, it is important to ensure that all systems are a go when the gun goes off. We often get the tempo work, threshold work and some VO2 capacity work in but don’t forget to include maximum burst efforts. Short maximal burst efforts get the neuromuscular system primed and ready to react to a surge by your competition or when you want to make a break yourself. Incorporating burst efforts within tempo work as well as stand alone bursts are important to train your body to shift gears very quickly but also be able to fall back into your desired pace right away. Here are some workouts for the swim, bike and run that will give you the burst of power you will need to break away.

SWIM: 1-20 Burst/easy


  • 1 stroke All Out / 1 stroke Easy

  • 2 strokes All Out / 2 strokes Easy

  • 3 strokes All Out / 3 strokes Easy

  • continue up the ladder continuously to 20 strokes All Out / 20 strokes Easy

BIKE: Crit Bike Training

2X through:

  • 5 min Gradual Build to Tempo

  • 5x through:

  • 5 sec Stand Hard / 25 sec Sit ALL OUT

  • 1min Easy Spin

RUN: Tempo with Bursts


  • 1200m with 10sec burst every 200m

  • 2min active recovery

  • 800m with 10sec burst every 200m

  • 90sec active recovery

  • 800m with 10sec burst every 200m

  • 90sec active recovery



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