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FLAT <<insert your name here>>

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

by April Corey

Are you racing your first race ever? Are you racing a new distance or event?

A fun way to check to make sure that you have all your gear, is to make a “Flat” version of yourself a few days before your big race. I like to create a spreadsheet of all my items that I will need and then lay them out on the floor in a flat version of myself to see if it makes sense. I like to do this whether it is for a 5k, an IRONMAN or a 100 mile trail race. Laying out your gear, nutrition, hydration, etc. is a great way to calm your nerves and make sure that you don’t forget anything, especially if you haven’t raced in a while or are racing in an event that you don’t normally race.

Here's Flat April preparing for a 5K:

You can take a picture of your flat self to send it to your coach or a friend for feedback. I have done this to get a fresh set of eyes on my gear and nutrition and make sure that I am as prepared as I can be. You can also use the photo as a gear reminder for future races.

Setting your flat self out a day or two before your race enables you to mentally go through your race and think of any items that you may need to make the race a fun and smooth experience. If making a flat version of yourself isn’t your thing, then it is always wise to make a checklist or spreadsheet of your racing gear to make sure that nothing is forgotten.

Have fun!

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