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Save Watts (and time) on the Bike

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Small changes on your bike setup can save watts - and save time. Here's a walkthrough of some of the modifications I've made to my bike setup. A few watts here and a few watts there can add up to significant time savings.

This is the overhead view of how I've secured the cages. On the rear cage, I'll actually run a small piece of bungee lace through the last unused bolt hole and tie a loop that will go around the bottle spout. This adds a little bit of extra security, and also helps secure anything from the grabs that doesn't end up being a perfect fit in the cage. The front cage is really wedged between my arms and I'll drink that entire bottle first, then move the rear to the front.

One thing to note, you do need to check the bottles to make sure there isn't a drip, as that sticky stuff coming down during a race can be annoying (and a pain to clean after the race).

Removed front derailleur - with SRAM eTap, if I'm going to a hilly race I can pop on the front derailleur and switch out the 1x Chainring to the 2x setup in less than 10 minutes. The bolt on derailleur allows for easy removal of the hanger as well.

A close-up of the shoes, they have been laced with Expand Bungee laces. I chose these because they lay flat against my foot once I get the shoe on. I also removed the tongue.

The skewer system, this is the "release" side, no handle to get out in the wind.

It always pays to get a second opinion on any changes you're contemplating making. I got Ben's approval.

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