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Updated: Feb 14, 2020

How would you complete the following?

by Chris Palmquist

Would you choose some of these words?









Or would these more accurately reflect your choices?




Seasonally Depressed!

Cold and Miserable!


If you belong to the second camp, please allow me to humbly make a few suggestions that allow you to access winter’s super-powers.

Repeat after me:

“Winter is opportunity. Winter means opportunity. Winter is full of opportunity!”

What if you decided to view the inevitable winter season as a chance to do the important work that you cannot squeeze in during the other months of the year? It could be the time to focus on strength-building at the gym. Maybe you could crush through that swimming plateau by increasing the frequency of your swims, getting a video analysis, and focusing on better technique. It might be time to heal chronic injuries, increase your mobility and balance your muscles. You could buy a healthy cookbook and try new recipes. Regenerate your body, mind and emotions.

Beyond endurance related opportunities, you could move your family and social life back to the top of your priority list. Go downtown! Sign up to volunteer! Clean your closets! Go to a musical. Check books out from the library and read them!

The ability to appreciate and enjoy winter is your decision. Choose to invest in the apparel that will allow you to be outside every day comfortably, then get yourself outside every day. Choose to emphasize healthy nourishment. If you are lucky enough to have snow, rent snow-shoes and walk in the woods or try my favorite sport of all, cross country skiing. Get fresh air on your face – even if it is just the 4 square inches left uncovered between your hat and your balaclava.

Round up your friends and family to brain-storm some ideas to make the most of winter. If you do this right, it could place winter up near the top of your yearly seasonal favorites. Even if you don’t have a cold, snowy season where you live, make the most of this chance to have a true “post season” to your year. Doing so will set you up for a 2019 that is stronger and faster than ever.

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