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Write that Race Report! (and why)

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

by David Bauerle

Your race is over, but before you relax and recover there’s an important task to take care of! As soon as possible take the time to sit down and write in detail everything you can remember about your race. Whether you have a coach or are self-coached, writing a race report is a useful tool. Get your race information down on paper or computer as soon as you can while it is fresh on your mind.

Why write a race report? Your coach, or you if you are self-coached, can use the race report to determine what areas of your training need to be addressed and if your nutrition plan was adequate. The report will give you the ability analyze your overall progress as well remind you what you liked and disliked about the race. If, at some point, you consider competing in that same event you can access your detailed race report to see how things worked out for you.

The format of the race report can be customized to what works for you; the content, however is vital. Here is a list of items that should be in included in every race report:

  • Nutrition, hydration and supplementation:

  • 2-3 days prior to the race

  • Race day breakfast

  • during the race

  • How you felt prior to the race start

  • How were your transitions

  • T1 Swim to Bike

  • T2 Bike to Run

  • How you felt during each leg of the race

  • How you felt after the race

  • Weather conditions

  • Race course conditions

  • What went right and what went wrong during the race

  • Things you would do differently if you had it to do over again

  • What you liked and didn’t like about the race

  • What you wore

The more detailed the race report the better. When race day is over, regardless of the outcome, write your race report. I guarantee you and your coach will find it extremely useful to make you a better triathlete.

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