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One day, or day one. You choose.

Greetings, my friends!! Welcome to Coach Tip Tuesday!!

You’ll all likely see a bunch of different posts or articles this time of year that talk about staying consistently active through the holidays, giving recommendations on how best to do that, or challenges that can help jumpstart this. It’s true; this time of year sometimes feels overwhelmingly busy, and it can be easy to let workouts or self-care activities fall down the list of priorities.

I totally get it. Christmas cookies are a far more tempting thing than layering up and going out for a run on a snowy day. Holiday parties with friends and family are more fun than heading down to the basement to hop on the trainer and get a ride in. Staying in a warm and cozy bed is more alluring than getting into a colder swimming pool and going outside with wet hair.

This time of year, in addition to being full of extra activities, responsibilities, and food, is also full of a lot of reflection on the past year, and of anticipation for the coming one. This means that some folks are signing up for races with gusto, while others are considering what their next goals will be. As January 1 looms ever closer, there will be many, many people who will set goals, make promises to themselves, and embark on new journeys.

This week, I want to challenge you as you reflect on this year, consider what’s next, and navigate the holiday season. I was you to decide if today is one day, or day one. As we all know, so many people “fall off of the wagon” each year after New Year’s when it comes to resolutions, etc. While their intentions may have been exceptional, sometimes their follow-through just isn’t there, for whatever reason.

I’ve seen it time and time again: people start something up, and then discontinue. Others do start something up, and it becomes the foundation from which all of their goals and dreams are realized. I know personally how this feels; I had many false starts in my recovery from The Vader Arm Years, and many, many, many “one days.” It’s only recently that I had my “day one,” but it only became “day one” because I finally said enough was enough and decided that it WAS going to be day one.

Where do you want to go?? What do you want to be reflecting on in one year’s time?? What lights you up and makes you excited?? What dream do you want to realize for yourself??

Ask yourself these questions, and be honest with yourself in your answers. Then, with the help of good friends, family, or your coach, plan out the map to get there. You can do it.

One day, or day one. You choose. :)



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