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Now, bring me that horizon.

And yet another seven days have passed. It’s time for Coach Tip Tuesday!!

Two weeks ago, many of you likely set New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe you don’t like the term “resolutions” and you set intentions or goals. Whatever word you assign to this practice, more than 70% of you set some sort of goal for yourself in the new year.

But that was two weeks ago. Sometimes, we have the best intentions in the world, but for one reason or another, we lose our spark, we lose our motivation, and we let our resolutions or goals slip away from us. One of the saddest reasons that this can happen is that we lose our faith in ourselves or our abilities.

This week, I want to encourage you to do something. Just a little something. I want you to go as far as you can currently see. What you can currently see will obviously be different for everyone. For some of you, this might mean running for 45 minutes. For others, it might be getting to the gym three times per week. And for yet still others, it might be getting in the pool after a hiatus.

Here’s the thing about going as far as you can currently see: When you get there, you’ll be able to see further.

So, for instance, when you go for that 45-minute run, you’ll realize that it wasn’t as scary as you previously thought it was. You’ll realize that you might be able to run for FIFTY minutes. And when you can run for 50 minutes, you’ll set your sights on one hour.

Obviously, I’m not changing my core mindset and starting to subscribe to the “more is better” philosophy. I’m still a “better is better” gal, through and through. But my point with all of this is that you are capable of much more than you think you are. You just can’t see what you’re capable of yet. That’s right - YET. You need to aim for the horizon. And then you need to aim for it again. And again. And again. And as you keep relentlessly pursuing that horizon, as long as you keep going as far as you can see, you’ll see just how much further you can go. You’ll see how much stronger you can become. You’ll see just how mentally tough and badass you are.

So this week, this year, and always, I encourage you to go as far as you can currently see. Take that first step. Be bold. Be strong. Your world will expand and you’ll be that much stronger and empowered for it. :)

“Now…bring me that horizon.” -Captain Jack Sparrow