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Trail Run For Fun!

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

As the Northern hemisphere is slowly breaking out of their cold winter weather (hopefully), the snow melts away to reveal the trail systems and dirt roads that run through many scenic areas. Whether you are training for a 50K off-road trail race, an XTERRA triathlon, or are varying up your running terrain, I have written up two of my favorite trail runs for you to try! So lace up your trail shoes, embrace the mud, and get out and enjoy!

The first workout is a challenging hill run. This run will train both physical strength and mental alertness. The second run is an easy paced run that many athletes may not consider to be as important as the hard run. But on the contrary, active recovery is key to maintaining an injury free season.


Short Hill Power Runs

Most trail runs offer some elevation change. Some are constant hills! This workout is designed to help you gain the power you need to get to the top.

Warm Up:

10 minutes EASY run warming up to EASY-MODERATE.

Main Set:

Find a moderately steep hill that takes at least 60 seconds to run up.

Run HARD up that hill for 60 seconds staying alert on the trail for things that may cause tripping.

Turn around and walk or run easy down the hill.

Rest if necessary to make sure your heart rate has dropped sufficiently.

Repeat 6 to 8 times.

20 minute moderate run.

Cool Down:

Run at an EASY pace for 10 minutes.

Walk at EASY pace for 5 minutes.


Turtle Run

Trail runs are generally long experiences out in nature. This workout is designed to teach you about recovering while still moving on the run. This allows you to truly recover from hard workouts, while building the connective tissues needed to stay injury-free.

Warm Up:

5 minute WALK

5 minute dynamic stretch (high knees, tin soldiers, bum kickers, grapevines/karaokes/over-unders, etc)

Main Set:

60 minutes RUN at "slower than a turtle pace." There is no such thing as doing this workout too slowly.

Cool Down:

5 minute walk

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