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Giving Back To The Sport As A Rules Official, Part I: Consider Certification

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

As an athlete and coach I have found great joy in participating in the sport of triathlon. It is great fun to train and race. I also love my job as a coach. I love working for the athletes I get to coach. In addition to coaching and competing, one of my greatest joys has been the opportunity to give back to the sport I love as a rules official.

This year the USAT Commissioner of Officials, Deb Wilson, offered me the opportunity to serve the athletes, race directors, and officials in my region as their Regional Officials Coordinator. I was excited to accept that invitation and look forward to the opportunity to help in the process of building a strong officials program for the good of the sport. I would love to see more athletes and coaches join the ranks of officials. Athletes benefit greatly through having a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Competitive Rules. In like manner, coaches who become more clear on the rules are better able to prepare their athletes for race day.

Serving as a rules official offers such a different perspective on the sport. I love working transition on race morning. Even though I am not competing, the excitement and energy are still awesome to experience. I love race mornings as an official. From interacting with athletes about to race their first event ever to seeing the familiar faces of so many friends I have made in and through triathlon, I am always reminded of what a great opportunity it is to give back to the sport as an official.

In Giving Back To The Sport As A Rules Official, Part II: Interview with the Commissioner, I will follow up on this article with an interview with Deb Wilson about the USAT Competitive Rules and the Officials Program. In the meantime, if you have an interest in becoming a certified rules official, go to the link below and reach out to your Regional Officials Coordinator (ROC) to learn more about upcoming certification clinics in your region. You will be glad you did:

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