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Meet Ashley Jones!

My name is Ashley Jones and I currently live in Denver, Colorado. I am 17 years old, a junior in high school, and am in a family of 5; my mom, two brothers, and twin sister. I have grown up as a soccer player and played at a competitive level for over 10 years. Less then 3 years ago I was involved in a traumatic ATV accident that left me as a right arm amputee. As of 4 months ago, I made the transition to starting training for paratriathlons with coach Chris Palmquist.

What first spurred my interest in this sport was the Journey Paratriathlon Camp last year and the wonderful connections I made with not only other athletes but trainers and coaches as well. I am excited about the journey ahead as I continue to conquer the challenges set before me and grow into my new skin as an amputee. I have always been a very determined, competitive athlete and my drive to compete has only increased since my accident. My goal is to compete at ParaNationals this summer and continue to follow the possibilities that arise!

I cannot wait to be a part of Team MPI and the endless possibilities ahead!

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