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Natural Selection

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

I just presented at a local college few days ago. I was asked to present on Natural Selection and my first thought was about Team MPI's motto of “smarter, stronger, faster.”

In natural selection, the ultimate outcome is a selected group of individuals that better fits their environment and the disappearance of the individuals that couldn't adapt. This is evolution. Of the individuals that were eliminated in the natural selection process, nobody asked them to fail to evolve.

That is one important difference with Team MPI - nobody is left behind. Everybody can evolve. And all individuals that come looking to improve and develop, and who are willing to put in the time and energy, will achieve the Team MPI motto and become “smarter, stronger, faster.” They will evolve to become better athletes - maybe PRs or podiums or new skills or ways of thinking.

How does this evolution occur in our athletes?

Creating “smarter” plans is the result of a continuous process of learning, ethics, and responsibility as coaches that guides us to deeply understand the athlete's athletic background, strengths, weakness and limitations. We work to build upon those strengths, attending carefully to weakness and limitations, and applying the new and tested knowledge of coaching.

In my personal coaching approach, I look for efficiency in training to result in efficiency in racing -- efficiency being the effective, proper and safe use of power that will give us “stronger” results in the application of power. When we work on technique on a daily basis, and allow the body to adapt to the physiological changes provided by a personalized training plan, the result will be a “faster” athlete, with a lower risk of injuries. They will have enjoyed the process of “natural selection.”

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