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The Point

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

by Don Jackson

As Coach Amanda and I traveled home from the 2019 Warrior Games, I received many text messages, emails and questions asking, "did you guys win?" and "How many medals?"

As I reflected over the prior weeks and I contemplated my answer to these questions, let me tell you what I learned from coaching the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Cycling team.

Winning is fun. Yet winning isn’t the POINT. Wanting to WIN is the POINT. Selflessly sacrificing your position in the peloton is the POINT. Fighting back from being rolled up on the asphalt is the POINT. Pulling for everyone til your legs lock is the POINT. Leaving you heart on the asphalt is the POINT. Not giving up is the POINT. When your lungs burn and you take the lead, is the POINT. Staying in the fight til you shake is the POINT. Never being satisfied with what you’ve done is the POINT.

If winning and losing are going to define your life, you're on a rough road and you're going to miss the POINT.

I feel incredibly humbled to be of service to this exceptional group of athletes. The team embraced persistence, passion and pride.

Remember the POINT. Enjoy your summer and family.

photo credit: Coach Amanda

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