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5 Simple Ways to Boost your Performance

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Regardless of how much time you have to train, these simple tips will help enhance your fitness.

1. Sign up for something new: Step outside your comfort zone and embrace an unfamiliar challenge. The anticipation from research, planning and preparing for a new event creates enthusiasm, passion and purpose that can put your fitness in hyperdrive.

2. Nail your nutrition: If you are working out for less than 75 minutes, skip the Gu. If you’re training for longer than that, aim for replenishing 30-50% of your calories.

3. Increase your in-workout hydration: Hydration is key to performance. For rides over two hours try adding an additional ½ bottle to what you would normally consume during that time. You should feel better towards the end of your rides and your reduction in performance will decrease.

4. Train consistently: Whether you are training full-time or as part of a well-balanced life, consistency is key. If you are working with a coach, be honest and communicate with them to help manage your workout schedule - and stick to it!

5. Get more sleep: One of the best things we can do for our performance is to focus on our recovery. According to the Mayo Clinic, adults require seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night. If you are not getting seven to nine hours increasing your sleep by just one hour more each night will positively improve performance. If you are looking for ways to improve you sleep, review these tips from the Mayo Clinic.

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