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Updated: Apr 21, 2022

So, the first chunk of this article is not really related to the article. I am a coach, not a writer. Also, the second half isn't related to training at all. Good thing it's in the Team MPI newsletter, lol.

I am getting ready to move--again. After nearly 9 years in western Colorado, my wife and I are moving to the other side of the Rocky Mountains, about 5 hours east. Before moving to western Colorado, I spent 5 years in Cincinnati, 4 in northwestern Ohio, and my childhood in Detroit. Compared to some, that's not much, but to others, it is a great deal.

Going from Detroit to northern Ohio for college was a big deal to me. That first step out into the world and self-reliance. The next move was hard too. After having enough time to adapt to college life and finding a person willing to put up with for the rest of my life, I move again. This time I actually went out into the real world.

Every move is unique; every move gives that jolt toward self-realization. The move to Cincinnati was no different. I formed my first adult friendships and began really thinking about who I wanted to be. As a child, my personality was a collection of things I experienced. In college, my personality was geared towards being accepted by my peers; but in Cincinnati, I explored who I wanted to be.

The move to Colorado from Cincinnati was the roughest, not only because of the 20-hour drive I did 3 times in one month (a winter month, nonetheless). Leaving the friends I made in Cincinnati, the ones that helped me shape the person I wanted to be, was hard.

A moment I will never forget is the night I left for good. A bunch of us went out for dinner before my 3rd 20-hour drive. We talked and laughed and joked as any group of friends would. Then as we were leaving, my one friend, who is honestly more of a role model than I would like to admit and is not a "hugger" (like me), shook my hand and gave me a hug.

Now I am moving again, after 9 years on the western slope of Colorado. Once again, it is an emotional time. It is here that I owned my own bike shop, coached Crossfit, began BJJ, and joined Team MPI. I set down some roots here that go pretty deep. My wife (I did the Borat voice in my head, which lightens the mood) is also having an emotional time. She has accomplished many things in our time here and has said that she thought this would be our home.


Adam Sczech is an IRONMAN University Certified Coach, USAT Level I Certified Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and VFS Master Bike Fitter based out of the Western Slope of Colorado. Adam has years of experience coaching beginners, juniors, elites, and clubs as well as a year focusing specifically on special needs athletes. Adam's expertise with bike fitting is extensive with over 15 years and 8,000 fits for athletes that include two world record holders, a national champion, several IRONMAN Pro/Age Groups winners and an ITU winner. He has completed several full and half Ironman races, as well as numerous Olympic and Sprint races.



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