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Coach Q&A: Meet Coach Sydney!

We are so excited that Coach Sydney Buckley is joining the Team MPI team. We thought it would be great to have a short Q&A with Coach Sydney to get to know her a bit.

What is one of your favorite memories, moments, or experiences from your years of competing so far?

There are so many great memories that come to mind. The people and my teammates stand out the most. Travel trips always brought the team together. The best overall trip was the 2018 CSCAA National Championships at the Naval Academy. It was our team’s first year attending, and we had an absolute blast because we were there to celebrate the sport. I held the meet record in the 100 IM for about 58 seconds until it was re-broken in the next heat :) And my teammate captured the National Title in the 200 Breaststroke.

What's one accomplishment you're most proud of or thankful for?

I am most proud of competing at the NCAA Division I level. That was the first “wild” goal that I set for myself, so much so that the people closest to me did not think it was possible. I believed that I was capable of being an elite athlete, and I did it. Looking back, it’s a lesson that I need to refer to more often…if you want to achieve great things, you must have a reckless belief in yourself.

What is one aspect of coaching you're most excited about?

I am excited to get to see athletes work through sport and life. I am excited to get to see them overcome obstacles and emerge as a stronger athlete and more confident person.

Who would you say is your "ideal athlete" that you're really excited to coach?

My ideal athlete is someone who is obsessed with learning and in love with the process.

Tell us about a coach who made an impact on you. How do you hope that shapes your coaching?

Every coach made an impact on me. I have learned something from each coach I have had, not only what to do but also what not to do. I am especially grateful for my high school strength and conditioning coaches, Coach Armentrout and Coach Swope, my college coaches, Coach Brittany Roth and Coach Rachel Friel, and most of all, my club swim coach, Roy Chaney. The most important thing all these coaches taught me is that the coach-athlete relationship is vital to success. Athletes are more than just data points, and they need to feel valued as a person first and athlete second.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate a great performance? (for yourself and for one of your athletes)

On the pool deck, I get loud and rowdy when an athlete has a great swim. I jump around, give lots of high fives and “knucks,” and I will typically lose my voice. I like to make the athlete feel special for their big accomplishment.

What's your favorite beverage and snack?

  • Snack- Chips and queso…so yum!

  • Beverage- Whiskey, Beer, or black coffee.

  • Coaches have cheat days too!

Stay tuned as we learn more about Coach Sydney, and check out her Coach Bio page on the Team MPI website!


Coach Sydney brings more than 20 years of swimming experience to Team MPI as both a swimmer and coach. As a swimmer, she was a Colorado State Champion, State Record Holder, and All American. She moved on to compete for the University of North Texas, an NCAA Division I team, qualifying for National Invite and Conference USA Championships. As a coach, Sydney has coaching experience at the NCAA Division I level with UNT and is now the Head Coach for the Colorado Torpedoes in Manitou Springs, CO.All-American. Contact Sydney at



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