• Laura Henry

Coach Tip Tuesday: Coaching & Training is like a Lego Brick Creation

Photo Description: A bunch of multi-colored Lego bricks stacked on top of each other.

Hellloooo, my friends!! Welcome to Coach Tip Tuesday!!

Today I want to share one of my favorite analogies with you:

Coaching and training is like building a Lego Brick Creation.

How many of you built with Lego Bricks as a child?? How many of you STILL build with Lego Bricks?? *raises hand*

Lego Bricks are AWESOME because so man different styles, sizes, and colors of bricks all interlock together to be able to work together to build diverse and amazing creations. This is not dissimilar from training and racing; there are MANY pieces that contribute toward the “creation” that is a training plan or a race.

This time of year (Maintenance/Base Phases), I end up using this analogy A TON because many athletes who I work with want to do ALL THE THINGS *right now*. I get this; it can be *very* challenging to see how “less” work now in January will actually culminate in the desired result many months down the road.

But as I tell my athletes: training is very much like creating from Lego Bricks. Sometimes we’re laying down BIG bricks. (This tends to happen as we get closer to the goal.) Other times (like now, when we are laying down good habits), we’re using those short, smaller bricks. Some days, we’re even using the bricks that take up one little circle.

Here’s the thing friends: with consistent building and additions of Lego Bricks, what starts off looking like a bunch of hodgepodge ends up turning into a creative, stellar Lego Brick Creation whose shape is clear to discern and that one is quite proud of. This happens even if the “smaller” bricks are utilized.

Training is exactly the same way. Laying down that solid foundation - using those “little bricks” - along the way WILL ultimately add up so that you can see the resulting creation that is your training goal. I know, I know. You want to see it NOW. You don’t want to be patient. Well, my friends, I’m here to tell you (once again ;) ) that more is not better; better is better. A well-constructed, mindful, wise plan will lead to the strongest and most beautiful creation of all. THAT’S what I want for each and every one of you - an AWESOME end result, not just *an* end result.

So when you start to get panicky about what you are doing right now when you think about your goal (and I know A BUNCH of you out there are in this place right now!!), know that what you are doing right now is EXACTLY what you should be doing - even if it feels like it’s “not enough.” Frequent, consistent, QUALITY workouts done over time will add to and build YOUR awesome “Lego Brick Creation.”

Everything is awesome, indeed. :D

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