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Don't Listen to the Chatter

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

With the triathlon season coming back around, we may start hearing others talk about what they are doing, and noticing articles about the newest get-fast-quick strategy.  It's hard not to listen, because many of the people may be professional triathletes or a coach of top level athletes, but my advice to you is, "Don't listen to all the chatter."  

What I mean by this is don't take what THEY are doing and impulsively make it what YOU are doing. What others are doing may not fit into your life and your body be able to handle the stresses and load that others are doing.  Don't think that because others are training more hours than you that they are more prepared or even fit.  Triathletes are known for the more-is-better mentality and training no matter what. 

You know your body and you need to listen to it.  I can guarantee that I have trained fewer hours than all of my competitors for the last ten years, but I have still been able to stay on top.  I know what works for me and I stick with that.  I don't listen to the chatter and i recommend for you to do the same.  "You do YOU!"



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