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Down South and Assumptions

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

This article is not going to be about what you probably think it is about.

As someone who has been involved in the sport of triathlon for some time, it is easy to make assumptions about what people know when they come into the sport. Most topics can be somewhat easy to anticipate, in terms of where knowledge needs to be imparted. As many new folks come into the sport, those of us already involved, whether coaches or fellow athletes, need to address one particular topic early on with the folks new to cycling...lubrication.

Riding a bike, whether on the trainer or outdoors, in cycling shorts without chamois cream will lead to issues "down south." That means extra chafing and even the possibility of saddle sores. Our sport is tough enough without adding unnecessary injury. And assuming a new athlete knows about chamois cream is a potentially really bad assumption.

There are a number of lubricant products out there on the market to help you avoid damage down south. At Team MPI we recommend Petal Power for a nice pH balance that works well for both women and men. To learn more about what chamois cream is you can visit our partner’s website and learn more about what chamois cream is and what it does.

If you figured out that I was saying “assume” and “assumption” a lot and on purpose, you are right! 😉



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